I'm after a luton van for 13 apr

Guys,We have to move in a hurry and have to move next sunday, I’m after a luton van to either borrow of off someone or could pay some one say £50-£70 to drive for me it is only down the road literally 15 mins drive…

don’t really want to hire one as I can only hire it for the entire weekend and little point as it will just sit there saturday doing sweet FA.

please can anyone help

I’ve used 1car1 in the past as they are quite reasonably priced, unlimited mileage and have places open 6am til 10pm 7-days - basically the ones near airports inc. Heathrow and Gatwick. It’s a 24-hr hire so you just pick it up and drop it off within that timeframe and only pay for one day, not the whole weekend… Ahhh - bit of a flaw in my plan. Just checked their website to avoid giving duff info and the airport locations only deal with cars, not vans… but do include Vauxhall Zafira, Chrysler Voyager, Kia Sedona & Mercedes ML280 if ya stuck and fancy dropping the seats down… :wink:

PM Adz.

He’s a man wiv a van:)

I have a transporter van nearly always available at weekends (very small cost)
I live in Watford.
Cheers Steve