If you were going to Cafe...

…Which bike would you cafe it to?

I’m toying with the idea of getting my mitt’s oily. Been looking at air cooled, single and two cylinder, mono shock bikes.

I’m curious to know what members would choose?

any old honda CB is the usual choice for beginners.

If you want some proper experience though, find a dead bike and do an engine swap.

I was looking at the CBX 550…

Bang2Rights (09/07/2013)

I was looking at the CBX 550…


Tons of potential there - stripping off the bodywork just aft of the lights including the tail grip and lights and you’re halfway there…#

Btw I’m surprised more people don’t Caff the many sportsbikes around that have lost their fairings in various prangs - I know the tradition is to ‘streetfighter’ them but what is the difference between a cafe racer and a streetfighter apart from the DF looks more ‘modern’ ?

Oooo an R1 based Cafe racer… or a Blade…Gixxer…or way off filed an MV.but I suppose the frame would give it away???

Streetfighter usually has flat bars and loads of anodised tat bolted on - some are well done and tasteful but these are the exception. A Cafe Racer retains or employs clipons but seems to leave the rider in a position where they look like a monkey enjoying congress with a beachball. Usually without anodised tat.

old guzzi or a beemer
but then I would say that

in answer to the original question, I’ll be doing a Fazer 600 one day.

I want to do a nighthawk at some point

I would definitely try for something that hasn’t been done before, otherwise it’s all a bit obvious really.

Something that has a nice looking engine, and if you wanted to go for something a little different, maybe something with a single sided swingarm for a more modern take.

Me_groovy has a point about the fazer and may even have a sketch he can share with us, as I’m sure we’ve discussed this before.

Whatever you decide to do, get a project thread up so we can all give you our pointless opinions and take the mick :slight_smile:

Ntv 650 XD nice and nimble cheap to pick up single sided swing arm and no chains to mess with. Nice v twin engine not mega powerfull but enough 5o get into trouble

Its been done but not over done lol this is the bros 650 chain drive version

I would never have automatically thought of a Bros as a starting point but that looks good! :smiley:

Just shows you almost anything will do with a bit of imagination,

After much cogitation and deliberation, I’m going with the mono shock TR1/XV750 Yammy.

I’ve seen pictures for a potential cafe and I love em, best bike I’ve ever seen. To me any way.

So if you know anyone thats got one going for sale, please let me know.


if you want alloy bits check out the tank shop hand made my tank and its amazing

Thanks, thats awsome. Not sure if I want to re-aligin the stock tank yet or get an old Benelli or have one made. We’ll see.

The bike in your avatar looks interesting, care to share some pics?