If you think the 205bhp Blade is OTT

Have a look at this GSXR in the USA


That is well nice !!!

And the gixxer retakes the lead!!! Nice find Pete… Not sure on his photoshop skills though That’s mental money. I’m in love with the SBK swing-arm. I wouldn’t mind the engine as well

Guess what im looking at for the Stealth for this year

At least this ones got pics to back it up aswell Vry nice

you cant polish a turd!

Why cant people just buy a proper bike in the first place…rather than something that needs 10k spent to be remotely intresting…only for it to be worth 10p the following year as theres a ‘new’ model with 20 gazillion changes YAWN

At least its not a Homda though

Ok from a work point of view I know the 205bhp Blade and it is awesome bit of kit I also know the owner nice bloke the bike is very understated unless ya know what ya looking at but still a head turner and for me I see bikes all day long and fit and make nice parts for them all day.

The Gixer is a good looking bike in my opinion both bikes are the nearest thing to bike porn I have seen for awhile.

I agree mate we are all here for bikes

At the end of the day its the bikes that are the stars we are just here because of them I have been tempted to go all out on the nine but time and work get in the way like I have said before pure bike porn love it I have been looking at all the bikes and thinking what I can do next