If you could have a video signature....

I thought it was funny. I understand that people don’t like black comedy, but each to their own. He even plays it down himself by saying he’s only saying it to upset people which makes him laugh…

Kaos, you should check out Frankie Boyle’s live dvd if you haven’t already…

My order of favourite comics goes like this…

Frankie Boyle
Louis CK
Jimmy Carr

Frankie is just a legend.

If you are upset by what Louis CK has just said, for your own sanity don’t go anywhere near Frankie Boyle, if you see his DVD in a shop…leave the shop!

Frankie Boyle is funny though

I am a big Jimmy Carr fan too. I’d never heard of this guy before, I’ll check out more of his stuff when I get a chance…

If you don’t listen to it, read it, taste it or try it, you’ll never know if you like it.

If you can’t try it, don’t critisise those that at least try it.

Oh, and I love it!

Ps, how many times can one say ‘it’ in a post??

You know I put up that clip, and created that clip from the DVD, purely to put on this message board for the purpose of this thread.

It has had over 2,000 hits in a single day and Youtube are bugging me to enter a partnership due to the number of hits it has had in such a short time.

Glad I ain’t the only one that liked it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh dear kaos, could this be a reflection that i spend far to much time with you? to the extent that you have warped my innocent mind. :smiley:
I played this at work during lunch time, lucky i had the ear phones on, and couldn’t stop laughing. :w00t:
I found this funny not because of the content but more so because he does remind me so much of you, and should it come as a surprise that you put this up? Of course not, i found it even more funny reading the responses, and that some have missed the point.
Thing is like you said there are so many comedians out there who use the same techniques of shock.
Least we forgot the very well know and loved show, Family guy! and The Aid’s song.
Now borderline is that show?

This is one off my favs i hope you like :smiley: