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This would be mine…I make no apologies for it…


Christ Kaos, theres a line, and you my friend, just super triple somersaulted and piked roundhouse past it…

Belt and below spring to mind.

after our last bit of banter, PMSL possibly SMSL
it’s all about reactions
It will be interesting to see if anyone tries to top that

So, are you trying to say that you like to shock people, or that you want to f**k dead kids? :blink: :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

You gotta love louis…so inappropriate, he makes Jimmy Carr look safe.

Try this

aww, he wouldn’t fondle the bear :frowning:

I cant see anything

Seriously! How is that even funny?? :blink:

A sociopath might find it funny. Personally I just find it cheap and offensive on lots of levels- not least by trying to engage an audience in implying clever irony when clearly there is none. Anyone can talk ‘shocking’ crap- that Chubby Brown guy made a career of sorts out of it- it just needs a few weak-minded people who think they’re edgy to buy into it to give it some sort of psuedo-kudos. Sorry it’s pathetic. :pinch:

+1 it scared me a little!

Some people like dark humour, some people don’t. I think Louis CK is very much an acquired taste.

I also think that taking one segment out of a routine somewhat diminishes the segment. I think you have to watch the whole show, find the tone of it, the feel of it, the level of it. It may be the case that you still don’t like it, which is fair enough, I personally can’t stand Alan Carr just don’t know how anyone can find the man funny, but it appears that lots of people find him hilarious, which is fine, to each their own, just saying you should watch the whole routine to make a decision on that.

He is a lot like Jimmy Carr, a lot of what he says is somewhat ironic, and taken out of context, it may appear to be offensive, but taken in the context of an entire show that is designed to be borderline and push boundaries and make you laugh at things you know you probably shouldn’t be laughing at, it kind of works…for some.

post the whole clip then and let us be the judge…

The show is new, 2010, it is called “Hilarious” there aren’t many clips on Youtube…yet. I am sure it will all be up there eventually.

I just can’t see anything remotely funny about having sex with a dead child!! Explain how it’s funny? Seriously unfunny, I can’t see how watching the whole show would make me think otherwise!

You know the bit I thought was funny, was the fact that he said, if it wasn’t raining…:D…that is slightly surreal. The funniness in it, is that it is unexpected, it is not what you expect to hear and it is slightly surreal.

Like I said though, not everyone’s cup of tea, some people don’t like dark humour, they don’t like to laugh at death and things that are horrible in our world. I do.

The other point is of course that this is like when Jimmy Carr talks about the moral question in his act, would you kill a whale to save two pandas…and he has to explain to some of the audience…it isn’t actually going to happen.

It is just words spoken by a comic on stage.

Yes it is surreal but that doesn’t make it funny, just makes me think WTF!!

Don’t get me wrong I don’t anticipate that seeing the whole sketch would change my opinion…some things just can’t be improved by any amount of context.

To be honest, knowing the rest of the piece, I can only imagine that you would become more offended by the rest of it. I laughed, quite hard at the rest of it, but there was a part of me saying to myself, you are just a wrong’un for laughing at this. :smiley:

For the record, trying to explain what is funny, nearly impossible. I think there have been entire doctorates based on explaining why we find some things funny. I don’t really think that I will be able to adequately explain why the surprise of what he has said, and then his backtrack, but clever twist coupled with a desperate attempt to explain is funny.

It just is. At least for some of us.

lmfao… shag :w00t::hehe: