If they don't have you bike, they'l have your god damn chain

So just to confirm what we all knew already. Nothing is safe in London.

Came in this morning to find that yes my chain was indeed gone. FFS!!!

Quick trip to Scooterden, £120 down.

What a great start to the day.

Welcome to Hackney Folks.

Now I just need another chain to chain my chain with…

WTF! If they had to cut the chain to get it then what effin use is it to them???

Be careful parking there. They may have been watching and think you would have to leave your bike there was no chain. They will therefore probably be back.

Scrap metal is sort after

be careful it was not taken so your bike is not locked the day after. also I’ve heard of the material sleeve on the chains being pulled back then chopping a link and cable zip the link together & covering back over, take seconds to remove once you gone :frowning:

I was thinking it musta been for the Metal value.

Strange they didn’t take the other chains around the same lampost aswell.

It’s not a full size lampost so they must of thrown it over the top.

There’s a gleamin new Harley Sportster parks in the same bay, so If they were gonna come back you’d think it would be for that.

Anyways, new chain sorted so it is locked. I’ll be keeping an eye during the day.

Gonna start bringing the chain back into the office after work now. As if it didn’t take long enough to get ready.

well know trick that hardly ever gets noticed…

prob been taken for scrap, someone tried to take my mates chains despite his R1 parked next to them ( wasnt chained up at the time).

hackney…ah land of the trendys…and some of the worst estates in london, what a mix:blink: