If the worst should happen...

Why does this post remind me of Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Liver Donors Inc. skit?

If the nc30 passes it’s MOT on Weds I’ll be riding to Borough and will have some leaflets with donor cards with me.

I’ll leave them on the bike, so just pick one up if you want one

Signed up,

My aunt works with the Blood Authority… the last few times I’ve tried to donate blood, they’ve turned me down, a cold, <12 months since I had a tattoo done, and before tha ton pain meds! there’s actually one next week locally, that I wanna go too…

How often can one donate, and how does it affect your riding (home) afterwards

I think i’d be annoyed, if my organs after my death went to medical research… but - to go to another person, to save a life ( I know reserach saves lives too ) would be worth while… i think if your bits go to scientists… you’re just a piece of meat that means funding to them, if they come up with something, and thats not right!

Every 16 weeks max, but once you’re registered it’s about two or three times a year unless your blood’s really rare, in which case they’ll call when they need some. All the info you need is here…


Do it!

I signed up years ago as an organ doner but have emailed them to check I’m still on the list. As my surname changed, I think I’ll have to re-register. I’d certainly want to help someone else live if anything happened to me.

I’m a donor. They can have anything except my eyes because they don’t work very well

Likewise, have my donor card at all times and also on the Anthony Nolan Trust list for Bone Marrow.

Had to be 2nd level - ?!?!? - tested this year as I was an apparant match for someone, after testing I was only a 95% match though so they’re still looking for someone closer I think ? They told me that it was unlikely I’d be used this time round. 2nd time in 15 years that I’ve reached this stage.

So, as well as the blood giving, Donor Card carrying peeps amongst you all, sign up for this too - http://www.anthonynolan.org.uk/

Please please join up !

On a slightly different note, one of my customers makes these ID cards with all revelent info on it just incase the worst happens out there.


This is a very good thing to do - I’m on the organ donor list and the bone marrow list - that’s a really important one guys - there’s a real struggle getting bone marrow donors.

I can’t give blood unfortunately they don’t like mine - well at least not for the next 5 or so years after I had a needlestick injury whilst working in A&E.