If the worst should happen...

Have you considered registering as a potential organ donor?

I know a lot of people don’t like to think about what will happen when they die, but anecdotal evidence would suggest that motorcyclists are more likely to become organ donors than other groups

If you don’t have any strong feelings against becoming a donor could I suggest that you sign up, it’s not just major organs that can be used, other tissue can be too. I’ve always been a donor card carrier and signed up to the register years ago, but it’s hit home recently and so I thought I’d use LB to bump it into peoples minds.

Please have a look at:



good post madscientist…

I’m already a donor.
been one now for around 18 years!.

do it now people if you haven’t already!.
give blood too if you can as well

go on…save a life.

My wife and i signed up years ago.

Been thinking about this for years, now it’s done just signed up

not only should we sign up for this, bit we should also tell our family of our wishes, this makes it eaiser for them when and if the time comes.

Ride safe you guys & girls

been signed up for years

I can’t, unfortunately. I have genetic blood disorder and have been told that I can’t give blood or organs, due to a mix of the problem and the medication.

Good post though…

Wahey, good man.

Take it a step further GIVE BLOOD!!!

Takes an hour to do, and the smug grin lasts for the rest of the day. Plus it only takes two pints to get you royally smashed afterwards…good conscience and cheap night out. DOUBLE BONUS!

been on the list for years.i look at it that if i dont need them then let someone else have them

I’ve been on the list for years too!

How hard will the medics try to save you if you are a doner as opposed to if not

Tobes…werent you trying to arrange a blood donation session ? Did i miss the outcome ?

Tis true, its a slow process, and I’m notoriously lazy. I did push things forward and I have received loads of registstration cards now…

All I gotta do is give them out and get everyone registered…

Once that happens we can organise a struck, OR all go en masse to the donor centre to donate…

Am still working on that…honest,

Also a regular donor!

Of organs?

Damn man…What you got left

got mine…! well done with the post though…

steve…so the old saying of trying to get blood out of a stone…should be changed to trying to get blood out of a “jelster”…!!!..

A great idea.
Signed up now.

This is a subject very close to my heart…My father had a kidney transplant when he was 38, after waiting 2 years on the waiting list, without this he would of died, and i also have the same disease and i ‘might’ one day need a donor too, So yes, please sign up to become an organ donor, its a gift of ‘life’ to someone else.

This was an option when i applied for my licence - i put yes - but in brackets i put “i ride a motorbike - if the’re intact you can ave’em”

lol blood!

Good Post Mate

signed up now