If the Election for London Mayor was today . . .

Lets see who LB would elect :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty convincing so far :cool:

Who are all these people ?

i dunno ,
but i cant vote anyway so it doesnt matter:P

These are the poeple who are claimig to know how best to run London’s affairs to make it a better place. If you heard what some of them say you’d probably think they had been sniffing glue but that’s life, they’re all up for election and you simply pick the one you like the look/sound of most :smiley:

Och I remember now :slight_smile: They are these guys who talk a lot and then don’t do anything :slight_smile:

Well as I have moved out of London I won’t get to vote. Hopefully that little commie git will get kick out. Heard him harping on about how is brought crime down in the capital. Funny that, as it is the primary reason I moved out of the capital.

I wonder what the percentage of people who work in London actually live there and so have a vote, compared to the number who travel in every day by one means or another and bring prosperity to the capital and don’t have a vote:unsure:

It’s when they do do things that it causes trouble. Look at all the things Ken’s done… congestion charge and low emission zone being two prime examples. He just couldn’t leave it alone… :stuck_out_tongue:

all the candidates are not there.

Who’s missing ? I got that list from Wikipedia, not heard of some of them myself.

Christian Choice becuase i’m pure as the driven snow;)

you missed out Richard Barnbrook, Bnp.

Oh, no loss there then :wink:

Why can’t you vote ?

Why not?.. you’ve got Boris there. He did refer to black people as ‘picanninies’, and when speaking of the crowds greeting Blair somewhere in Africa referred to ‘tribal leaders with their big watermelon smiles’.A posh racist [email protected] is still a racist [email protected] Despite his claims to muslim ancestry I wonder what he really thinks? I couldn’t in all good concience contribute to putting that fool in charge of a multicultural city.

because im 16

We already have a racist Mayor, he doesn’t think much of Jews. At least Boris appologised for his comments, Ken refused.

Sorry, yep, you can do all sorts of things but not vote, silly isn’t it.

Typical, if ya dont like him dont put him in poll, democracy.Not an accurate or fair poll then.