If only....


that’s excellent

That was awesome :smiley: Well done BMW for doing something funn!

Brilliant! Not sure about the rev’ing at the end, but whatever floats his boat :slight_smile:

Awesome :smiley:

Go on PJ, have a go, your missus must have a dinner service like that - go on, we dare you:D

I like those colours.

We thought the white tablecloth and whie crockery could have been brightened up with a pastel couloured napkin, tbh.

Yep, if you turn the heated grips off, all BMWs can do that. I heard that they are not available on the S1000RR, which is an utter utter shock and a major oversight and why I wont be havin one :smiley:

You’re just scared that Mrs B.I. will kill you for ruining the crockery during practice:D

Mate - we all know you’d do just that…