If I did not work in IT

I have just sold a mobile on ebay, to a “french guy” before he sends payment he changes his address to nigeria!!!

then I get a mail from paypal saying he has paid knowing this is dodgyer than a dodgy thing that is dodgy I inspect the paypal email very closely…

and boy they just seem to be getting better and better by the day, even the spelling and grammer was spot on this time.

but alas checked the email address it was sent from and it was a google mail account!!!

ontop of that it says they will not release the money to paypal until they have the shipping ref number then you have to click on a link that looks like it will run some sorta script!!!

So basically if your selling on ebay please please carefully study your emails before doing anything or clicking any links on there as this could screw you as well…

Would I have fallen for it if I had not worked in IT… looked pretty convincing to me!

Exact your revenge!


good spot. well done!

it happened to my mate he got the same email thought it was how it worked and sent it off then i told him he’s been done since then he wont buy from ebay

mate so easily done like I say it looked really offical…

I’ve had them a couple of times - get the email from them then check my actual account and nothings there, can never be too careful these days.

Fantastic! I’d been taking part in this without realising it was a real hobby!

Had a fantastic dialoge with someone from Gumtree when I was looking for my 125 … it would have been easy to have been excited and get sucked in at the cheap price and I really wanted it to be a real deal

Note his use of BLOCK CAPITALS … makes the heartwarming story about his missus all the more authentic :hehe:


Hello !

The HONDA CG is still for sale. I have decided to sell it since there is no need for it here. I have recently moved away from London, due to my work here. I’m an interior designer for a large hotel resort in Newcastle.
I have received a brand new VW passat here. The HONDA is absolutely great as you can see from the pictures, was bought in 2008, I’m the first owner. It has never been involved in any kind of accident, was serviced only by HONDA authorized service, never needed any major repairing, just regular maintenance, anyway everything is listed in the service book. There is no damage to it. It still has the original miles 1850 it doesn’t have any problem at all.
The final price is 900 pounds since I want to sell it fast.

=== then ===

I’ve been so busy lately, I couldn’t even answer my emails. As I told you before I’m living in Newcastle now. It’s pretty nice here but I really have allot of work to do around here. I’ve just married ISABELLA six months ago and we’re planning on having a child soon. Anyway I decided not to keep the BIKE anymore so I really want to sell it fast since I have already received a brand new car from my employee. The BIKE is has no technical problem at all, it doesn’t have any exterior scratch, dent, or paint loss. I decided to sell it only a few weeks ago. The BIKE has been recently checked here and found to be ok. The insurance is still available four months from now and will cover the new seller for a short amount of time. The MOT is due to expire March 4th 2009
I’m still searching for a way to be able to send the BIKE to your location the safe way and the fast way too.
I will get back to you as soon as possible.

=== and finally ===

I’ve been searching for the best solution for this transaction. Recently I’ve found a recommendation web page from gumtree for an escrow company which supports this kind of transaction. This is much better since this service is legally supported and recommended by gumtree. Their system is simple and efficient: we both register to use their system. After you register, you must provide me your registered name so I can start a transaction between us. After the transaction is being started, we will be monitored and advised by their system. Basically, after the transaction is being started you will have to pay to them half of the amount and after the payment is being made I will be asked by the system to delivery the BIKE to you. I will cover the transportation fee, which costs about 120pounds. After you receive it, you will have a seven day period, which time you’re free to decide whether you prefer to keep it or return it to me (I really don’t think will be necessary). After the you decide to keep the BIKE you will be prompted by the system to pay the remaining amount to them. Only after that period passed and you transfer the remaining value to them, the system will transfer the fund to me.
I think this system is wise and as I read it has been very efficient in bringing people together over time. This is good since you’re not paying me directly and this way you can control the money, which arrives to me only after you receive the BIKE
Anyway, I’ve already register to their website. Let me know if you agree so we can start the transaction.


I suggested in response that the easiest way for him to get the bike to me was to ride it from Newcastle to London - I pay for it in cash - and he use the money to buy his train ticket back to his job as an interior designer …

No response :stuck_out_tongue:



What a shame people weren’t there when it got delivered