If a good ride is judged by the ammount of dead flies on the visor....

then this was one hell of a ride!!! :w00t:

ps. imagine if he had the visor open!? :pinch:



WTF… did he smear honey on his gear??? that’s dangerous… probably rode through some hill billy swamp:D

i wish him luck getting them off the panniers - i have the same ones and its near impossible to remove their entrails from the fabric!

He obviously wasn’t riding a Pan or a Wing or my bike for that matter.

Strapped to the bike rather than being worn? No way you would ride like that…

Back in 1986 I was riding pillion with Jackie on the M3 from Junction 3 to 1 on a warm evening in June. The motorway has lots of water alongside it so lots of midges when it is warm. Jackie had an open face helmet with no googles, just spectacles. It wasn’t her visor that looked like that when we got home, it was her face!