Identifying a cable

So I was making the most of this lovely weather and giving the sprint a clean. And I came across this:

Now I think it might be a sat nav connector as it’s routed to where the sat nav mount is on the bike, but I’m not sure and can’t seem to find anything online.

No idea. Why don’t you email the PO and ask them?

Looks like a relay connector maybe?

Do you have an electronic fuel gauge?
Looks like the connector I’ve seen on a bike recently (plugged into the tank).

But I’m not firmilliar with triumphs.

It does have one yes but that’s all working fine.

Duh, why didn’t I think of that??? Must be the heat sending me bonkers.

I’ll see if I can find his email address and drop him a line

Looks like the power connector to a Tomtom Rider GPS.

aye, tomtom mount

Damn, can’t use it for my tomtom xl then. Well not without modding it in some way :ermm:

A quick google search shows that this is what the wire for a tomtom looks like.

Looks like you got a free tomtom charging wire with your bike…

Awesome :slight_smile: shame I haven’t got the right tomtom for it though :frowning:

Whoops - wrong connector

The Triumph GPS and Accessory connectors wiring is colour coded the black wire is earth and the purple wire is permanently live. The connector is the one on the right.

If you want to connect a SatNav to it ebay is you friend

12v waterproof motorcycle socket £4.41
6.3 mm spade connectors

The 12v socket will connect to the Triumph socket by means of a pair of 6.3 mm spade connectors, can’t remember if male or female connectors are required but it’ll be obvious from looking at the Triumph socket. Obviously a little insulation will be required, I insulated mine with a winding of PVC tape and some shrink wrap to be sure to be sure.

Cheers, thanks for that Art

or buy a tomtom rider? :stuck_out_tongue:

fook that, already got a tomtom xl

So I’ve finally got round to wiring in a 12v socket to the plug that Art suggested. However to check it I put the multi meter on it and with the engine off it is showing 14.4v, with the engine running it’s showing 17+v.

My question is: Is that normal?

Got me slightly worried that it would fry something when plugged in, obviously I’d rather not fry a brand new sat nav the first time I plug it in :ermm:

Use the TomTom 12v accessory socket lead it has a built in voltage regulator to reduce the voltage to 5v

I’ve got a tomtom compact usb charger and having actually looked at the back of it it says input 12/24v so I guess that should work ok. Just seemed odd that it should be producing that sort of voltage, but then my mechanical knowledge isn’t up to much.

Connect the multimeter across the battery terminals, I’d expect 13.5v to 15v with the engine running at a fast idle (2000 revs)

17v is a little high and would suggest a fault in the regulator/rectifier

I thought it seemed a bit high, I’ll try it on the battery tomorrow as it means taking the seat off. I really hope it’s not the reg/rec as I’m going away in 2 weeks today and I could really do without having to spend any more cash before I go