Ideal courier bike or town runaround?



He He He, good cornering with that one oh yeah baby

Yes, there are some really extreme chops that make you wonder if they could ever be ridden, but for me they’re rather like the high fashion catwalk clothes that are translated to less extreme high street fashion. These bikes are the transparent wisps of chiffon that rideable custom bikes take some of the ideas from but keep the bike rideable.

There are some really cool-looking chops - take a squint at BSH - that do have extended forks, bizarre paintwork, modified frames, for those who want to express their individuality through their bike. If I went to Cubana or Brazen’s parking area would I be able to easily be able to distinguish one person’s red CBR from the next? Maybe, maybe not. Custom chop riders aim to have a clearly identifiable ‘one-off’, and if you saw that bike around, you’d not mistake it for anyone else’s!

And just like I wouldn’t expect the catwalk wisps of chiffon and completely OTT style to be seen in my local high street I wouldn’t expect to see that bike out and about on the M25, but there’s still a place for it in the biking world, even if it’s just as a lead for ideas to develop from.

low down bum

She’s not appropriately dressed… nice jumper tho.

Feel an advert strapline coming on… “A bike even your Auntie can ride…”

Apologies if she’s anyone’s missus/sister/aunt/mom*

*delete as appropriate

Looking at the way she is sitting, looks like she`s used to something big in between those thighs.

That’s a girls bike, that is! . … . .I love these things . . . .Orange county choppers etc . … .don’t handle at all, get off n push at corners, and if you drop it . … .hundreds of hours work and tens of thousands of dollars…Haute couture indeed!