ID Card Holder

There must be an easier way to display an ID Card with all my kit on… each morning I have to stop at our security gate, de-glove, un-do my h-belt, unzip my jacket and fish out my id card - then put everything back together… I’m sure I saw someone at one of the meets with an ID card holder that went on the arm so you didn’t have to fish around it just displayed it… any ideas?


People in Switzerland got so bored of having to get their ski passes out, which meant pulling off gloves in cold weather, rooting in pockets, etc., etc.

What they did was put a see through pocket on the ski jackets arm. Ski pass fitted underneath but was completely visible for ski lift dude to check. THey also tried it on the chest, but women weren’t soooo keen on this solution for some reason…

ONLY problem with the idea is, cos in America and in the Movies they ALWAYS ask you to remove the ID from the protective wallet…all the rent-a-cop security knobs in England are doing the same thing too…there’s sort of a good reason fr it, cos it means if their is any suspicion over the id, they can hang on to it until the suspicion is cleared up…but its still a pain.

Spot on Tobs, they are £6 from most shops.

Perfect - looking now…

Our ID cards have microchips in them (well passive RFID) which means I have to wave it in front of a scanner that pulls up my photo etc - so I don’t have to get it out of the wallet - just wave my arm at the scanner…

Will report back here if I find a good one.


My HG voyager jacket has a clear PVC window when you lift up the left breast pocket flap…

Could you perhaps afix some PVC under the flap, stuff the ID in to it (upside down) so when you lift it up, prest-o change-o, there’s your ID meester?

Or stencil your name onto your lid… don’t they know it’s you by now?

EDIT - pipped to the post. Sew a flap onto your glove gauntlet, or inside your jacket arm? Sticky back velcron it in there somewhere?

Found a company that will sell me 100 of them


like the glove idea… found this on ebay

Security Badge Holder

ordering now shall report back if it’s any good.


we use ones at the airport that slip over your sleeve…there reflective hi -vis ones too …i’ll grab a spare one for you…bugger paying for one…i’ll pm you when ive stolen/…ummm borrowed a spare one….


nice one :slight_smile:


curtisey of Air Lingus of course…lol…

had to get that one in dude…


of course!

i’ll see what i can doo hunny….