i won, i won!!!

ive won on the grand national!!! he he, ok allbeit, £45.00, but it was a lovely little suprise after all the **** ive had!

Nice one mate, what are you going to buy me your loved one tomorrow at Thruxton.

um a nice big hug, and a nice set of boxers…

Will you still be in the pair of boxers.

not if i get too close to you… hehe

Get a room you two?!? Westie can pay for it with the winnings!!

shut it sean! ha ha, im buying me ticket with the winnings!

nicew one, i hope some of that luck rubs off on me!!

congrats buddy!

yey! sheri i will buy ya coffee if ya lucky

You won ? I didnt recognise you on the back of that horse in your silks

Well done

did you not realise it twas me sporting that cap?! ha ha

Well you must be a superb ‘rider’

im good in the saddle duck, i can handle a horse

Sue picked the winner too, only thing is I could not remember which horse she said, so I didn’t put a bet on for her Opppppppps


i bet you were popular!!!

So thats 2 bets youv’e won today


Nice one m8

Fantastic! Nice one dude! I never win - mainly because my wife wont let me enter because she has a problem with the National on grounds of horse cruelty… which I don’t see, but there you go!