I was on the ride for rights where were you...

about 5000 bikes was real cool not too much waffle at the end and then we all left, not a bad demo at all…and there were a few MP’s there too.

not sure about the 5000 but a great turnout.

yes did seem a bit high when he said it…were you there…what were you on…i was on my trusty old bandit everything else is away for the winter…

I was there too, looked out for other LBer’s and found Wolfie, but didn’t see anyone else, it seems us gixxer owners are able to find like minded souls!! :smiley:


Very enjoyable, took the mrs on the back and she loved it too !
Brilliant weather.

Some of the people’s expressions were classic !

Did anyone see the old towards the end, the old fella in the middle of the crossing looking really angry and doing the ‘sssshhh’ motion ?

Rode in behind a GSXR with the reg ‘G1XXR’ sweet :wink:

the quality shows:cool::cool:

I was in bed :cool:

also rode behind he g1xxr for a while, great day to make a good point

Having Lunch at the out laws house.

In bed as i didn’t finish work til 4.45 this morning:cool:

having my weirdo time - banging a drum at mile end

munchin croissant in Gay Paris following the second of three poor English results this last week.

was in Paris…its a tough life :smiley:

Was in bed! Was up till 6am trying to take my mind off the rugby! :wink:

i was having a great time driving a bus:( heard it on the radio sounded mental wish i could av taken part

I was there took some video footage of the bikes coming down the north circ from out side the ace then joined on the end of the run.

Started to get a bit thinned out towards the end (like herding cats)

But had a great time was great to hear loads of bikes under the euston underpass revving like crazy (big children i don’t know vroooommmm:D)

I was at work.

So I guess your principles weren’t as important to you as you thought Toby? :wink:

And yes I am aware of your sig…

Yes that was just as you turned right going toward whitehall i saw him he was about heart attack he’d got him self so worked up.

I was there with four others, really good turn out … a few bikes went pop on the way though due to the heat :crazy:

I hope we got our message across.

Lovely weather and well done to the organisers for keeping everyone together :smiley:

Black naked SV650 with lb stickers, white Rossi ‘Number 7’ lid :cool: