I was in the queue first

checkout rage

WTF is this place coming to?.

:Thats why i get it delivered! Ive got better things to do than to argue about the queue! Besides, us Italians dont queue:P


Feel sorry for the family. Hope the [email protected] get’s the full penalty for his actions!

I’ve never really experienced this. I don’t know if that’s because I’m very good at “conflict management”, or if it’s because I am (in my own mothers words) “a big scary bastard!”… :P:P

I like to think it’s the conflict management thing, but looking like you eat babies probably helps as well! :w00t:

Maybe we’re supposed to let people walk all over us in future and shove in :crazy:

I just don’t get some folk. Where’s safe? :blink:

Delivery all the way :wink:

This is a very sad case, but it’s more common than people think. This incident happened at my local supermarket and I saw a similar thing a couple of years ago in Belgium.

Theses idiots just don’t realise that you’ve only got to hit someone once to kill them. It’s not the initial punch that kills, but the fall onto a hard surface, pavement or tiled floor in this case.

Apparently the assailant hit the wrong man! His partner was arguing with a gobby 18 year old kid, but he hit and killed a 57 year old man!

This place is getting worse and worse by the day.

Now you see if we were allowed guns, everyone in the Q could have pulled them and riddled this fella with bullets.

What a way to go…complete waste! Thanks only to some people who ain’t even…ok…I stop there! I’m bitter and twisted thanks to a situation I had to endure today in Tescos in Slough.

I went to drive into a parking space that was so rightfully mine, only to be met with the arse end of some cheap '07 plate VW Polo. The owner gets out and shouts at me, telling me she’d been waiting for that space for 5 mins, my reply was, “funny, I said the same thing!”, to which she replied with…“actually I was here long before you, ya fat cow!”…once someone calls me fat, yes I am but it’s medical and I don’t need some trollop to remind me…I seen red. I then sat there in shock and she decided she wasn’t movin. The guy next to us turns up and tells me he is leaving and I thank him. The tart in the VW ain’t interested…she’s still sat in her car with her fingers in her ears screamin, “I ain’t listenin to ya, I’m right you’re wrong!”…pathetic cow…she needs a slap…but it ain’t worth it. I move my car to the next space…but when I come back she’s not only marked my car with paint from hers, but dented it…why? Why take it out on a car? Even I ain’t that sad!

It’s easy to see why people crack…this country is squeezing the last of our good will and faith out of us due to do-gooders and political correctness!! :angry: