I want one! - Ducati 1098


Gonna have stop being a student first though

I must admit, it looks bloody sexy! Quite a few design elements don’t look traditionally Italian, which I like (not that I don’t like Italian…) I can’t wait to see it in the flesh! Still under-powered though

Reports are 160 bhp plus…my gsxr1000 k5 only makes 170.2 with powercommander and full yoshi system all supplied and fitted by Crescent… I recon it’ll be a no brainer!!

How many bikes do you have?

Once I sort my life out I think ill save a lil money and buy a 1098 Ducati.

I posted some new better pictures in the other thread including the tricolore version…


One good thing of Ducatis is that the power delivery is pretty much linear that allow you to use the full power of the bike even at low revs, from my understanding in order to use the full power of a japanese bike you need to be in between a certain (high) revs otherwise they do not deliver. On the other side, japanese engines are a bit more elastic than ducatis even if they do not deliver their full power.

I tried the hornet of my brother which is much more powerful than mine but it did not seem to be. Generally speaking ducatis are quite enjoyable to ride and because of the power delivery they are quite reactive a bit nervous sometime.

I do not know if the driving enjoyment is a characteristics of Italian or European bikes (other people can tell as well: MiniMo, Vinnie, etc. with Italian bikes), in the past I had a XT600 and before that a Gilera RC125 Rally; the settings, driving position, chassis, etc of the 125 were much better than those of the XT. Ok, the XT was much more powerful (46HP) even though the 125 had about 30HP which is not bad for a 125!

It would be interesting to know the opinion of other people which have experience on the two breed eg Johnny Bravo which used (or still has) a 748 and now has a R1.