I want a new bike!

I rode my brothers new Z750 on Sat and it made me realise how much I want a new motor! Its such a wicked bike! Z thou is definately on the list ASAP! I have applied for 8 jobs today already! First day of a full time job and I am straight down that bike shop!

Even I like both of those. Was mightily impressed by the 750 when I test rode it last year. Handled really well and had enough grunt. Like you, trying to raise enogh cash to get my backside down the shop and lay my hands on one.

I was very surprised by the handling, very quick steering and weight planted over the front.

I also though that the little headlight fairing provided a lot of protection from the wind as well!

I want one not fair!

Know the feeling. Just try and wait until you have passed any probation period before purchasing it! Unless you have the spare readies!

I hear you, I think it’s time I finally got down the dealers and traded the 6R up for something else too.

What about the ZX10R? A mate of mine has the 05 and with a coupel of things put on it she is looking great Also, they have it on 3 years no interest and if it was not for my love of the boat I’d have one (also the new baby has not helped)

Do you actually need a 10R on the road though?

Personally I don’t. I commute through London, not quite the right area for that bike. What I need to do is look for something way more practical that will meet my requirements. I need something that I can commute on, that I can take a pillion on, that I can go for a blat out in the country on, that I can go on some rideouts on. I have looked at a few bikes now, but the Z750 or Z1000 are coming way up the list.