I told a snail exactly what I thought of him this morning

Saw a snail was bloody holding me up, so I told him exactly how I felt!!!

I was in a good mood so did not tread on it

Oi Snail! You’re too slow and your shell is somewhat brittle. Now slither along and get out of my way!

I saw this also this morning…


A slimey little fecker I bet:D

this snail was he moaning at a traffic warden?

HILARIOUS video, good job. x

funny you come to mention it actually he was…

Lol PJ every post I have looked at lately that you have posted on it has a video…

you can love traffic wardens to such a degree that you could call being raped/ as love making, wake up please:w00t:

im very awake mate,i have no love for traffic wardens and i understand you plight about parking fees,weestminsters double standards blah blah but your should target the policy makers not the troops that have to inforce it,its a job,and people need them these days.life to short to be **** off with people all the time,i know.get yourself a sences oh humour it will get help get u through the day,it does me,u have a nice day.