I should of been a surgeon

Just changed the cam chain tensioner on my cbr 600 fy - ally frame with carbs.

Jesus what an akward job, bit like taking someones wisdom teeth out through their arse.

Pro Tip - Chewing gum (sugar free) to hold the allen bolt onto the end of the socket and gaffer tape to stiffen the universal joint.

Bent over the bike with one hand coming round from behind, face leering into the gap by the airbox, other hand grabbing and pulling on the yoke for balance and filthy words growling out between clenched teeth.

Reminds me of the last time I got lucky, this time I had to take my time and ease it in, rather than just going for gold :w00t::w00t::w00t:

All worth it when I started her up and the tick/rattle was finaly gone!

Nice job. :slight_smile:

Never replaced a cam chain tensioner but have found the CBR engine fiddly and cramped to work on in general - but I guess they are all like that now sportsbike engines are so small/short/stacked/compact.

Did you replace it with one of those adjustable things e.g. APE?

Last time a mate helped and we put on a manual one.

But when it comes to being able to adjust it, its impossible (bar some slip over socket with a end you can get a spanner on) to loosen the lock nut. Two hex head bolts on either side of it, make it impossible to get a spanner on it.

I’ve got no idea how Kev got it done up, his hands are bigger than mine and I was feeling like James Herriot with his hand up a cows arse as it was.

So I’ve slung a new honda one on, quick run and it seems ok, but might need to think about a new cam chain, need a second opionion on that. Might be me hearing things that arent there.

Yeah that big ally frame makes it pretty hard to get in there.

Was looking a a triumph triple at BBM and its cct is on the outside, would take you 5 minutes to change it out and wouldnt have to touch the petrol tank.

Nice one - at least you get that warm glow of achievment after all the cursing and buggeration. :smiley:

and in no time at all you’ll be doing it all over again, bloody thing :smiley:

Might have a look at the manual one I’ve taken off.

All its needs is a longer/thicker nut so you can get some purchase on the mofo with a spanner.

Saw something on u tube for honda cct’s. Just as you can use a little screw driver to wind them back in, so you can go the other way and push them out a bit, and with the ratchet mech it shouldnt back off, will try that 1st the next time.

Still cannot work out how they “go wrong” though. I know what the symtoms are, but how? and why just on hondas and mainly CBR’s

It’s not…try reading the 6r forum, every other day there’s a thread about a mysterious ticking sound that ends up with someone replacing a CCT…

well done,

7 double jointed fingers on each hand and an inspector gadget neck and no propensity for cramp. Impressive. if you dont ride the fecker you can avoid doing it again. :smiley:

Its not what Mr Gold?

Been all over the forums, google results and youtube for this. Other than a dodgy cam chain or the exhaust headers it must be the CCT, I just wonder what it is about them that makes them fail.


Ah you mean the Kawa 6r.

Dont fancy that valve dishing much.

Valve clearances? Nor do I , Adz will be doing mine as soon as I can get the money and time together!

same for mine… and any naked bike i believe :wink: