I pulled up next to a Black Rat (motorcycle cop)

He asked if we could swap bikes, I said no.

He said he wished they made Police bike like the Dosoduro :smiley:

It looks like there’s an alien head on the front of your bike. I mean that in the nicest possible way. I like it! :smiley:

not heard that term for years … Black Rat

think they must prefer than to normal terms

twattish copper on a bike etc

and at least you can still buy the stickers


and think its better than having a picture of a **** of your vehicle …

You’re brave to put the stickers on if you’re not “job”.

It seems it’s very frowned upon.

Allegedly you never get pulled

the old myth of that dissapeared as it became more commonly known of what the rat actually meant and joe public started using them …now i doubt many actual traffic Police would actually broadcast the fact now

I did a First Bike on Scene training course about 6 weeks ago and it was presented by a serving copper. It came up over lunch as a conversation.

Although it’s not impersonating a Police Officer it gives the impression someone with a sticker is trying to get away with a bit more leniency … so they get the opposite.

apologies … looks like lb gremlins are back …

the above is is what i meant to quote …