I predict a Riot ;-)

Let me go to the back of me shed, get them there 17’’ wheels out :slight_smile:

looks a riot :smiley: mk4 i think;)

Oi, Naff-Off Mad-Dog. ** There-can-be-only-one ** !:angry:

W’hey TM, nice ride!:w00t:

Now get in that shed and start scraping them tank graphics off! I have some spare rust too if you need some!:hehe:

I do have the front wheel off The Riot if you want it. Characteristically it aint pretty, but comes with spacers and 320mm disc. The Riot did have a KTM front end bout the wheel spindle looks Honda?



Cheers Sneaky, I’ll get back to you on the wheel Mate, got to work out what way I’m gona go, might go tubeless, cbr600 17’’ rear and bl*de 16’’ front, liker this

Main thing is I want to keep the off road wheels to go green laneing, the main reason I brought it :slight_smile: