I passed!

I didn’t know where to put this so I put it here.

I passed my mod 1 today!

I really thought I’d messed it up, but I got 5 minors so just did it.

Am really pleased! And when I pass the next bit, Boris has promised to give me Bros :slight_smile:

Well done. How did you fair at the swerve and break bit?.. took me two attempts. :crazy:

Congrats :slight_smile: Do you have mod2 booked?

Well done !!!

well done!

Excellent work, good luck with Mod2

Excellent! Congrats. Heads up for mod2: I completely shat myself when the examiner asked me to pull over when it’s safe. Thought I did something wrong (even though I was pre-warned about this). Hesitated and then wanted to actually park the bike.

They just want to check you can stop at the side of the road safely and pull away safely. You just need to do it calmly! Good luck with mod2!

nice one,

good luck on mod 2

Excellent news :slight_smile:

Well done :slight_smile: I didn’t think it was possble to pull off 5 minors in such a short space of time :wink:

Good luck with Mod 2. I hope you’re aware of the changes in January if you haven’t already booked it before then?

It took me 2 attempts too, coz the first time I didn’t get the speed right!

Not yet

Clearly, you have not seen me ride. The nicest thing my old instructor ever said was that I’m “not a natural biker”. But I got rid of him coz he was mean.

And yeah, I know of the changes, but I’m still unsure how/if they affect me. But I need to do it before April as theory test runs out then so I’m hoping to do it before Jan anyway.

Well done!

Good luck for the next one!

Congratulations! 2 out of 3 bits sorted … So nearly there…

Good luck with your mod 2 :slight_smile: