I only brushed it

So I’m in the office on Tuesday (have been most of the week, the job is even worse than normal when I’m out of the laboratory, so the week is already pretty crap), when one of my colleagues asks me why my bike is lying on its side, I vault over to the window to see my eppitomy of graphite loveliness on it side in the car park.

My other colleague stood by me, sees his wifestandibng next to their car ad says ‘well at least the wife is not in the car so it probably wasn’t her’. We both head out to the bike to pick it up to discover that actually it was his wife who hit the bike and that she had “only brushed it”. As we try to pick it up it seems alot more difficult to pick up than I would expect, When we get it up I see why, the side stand is down. Basically this bike that was “only brushed” managed to pole vault over it side stand and land on its tail unit and front fairing whilst miraculously avoiding any damage to the middle part of the bike. The front fairing was lying on the paving stone so this is prabably why the middle survived damage. On inspecting the bike I make out that there is prabably at least £800 worth of damage to the bike and the evidence is that was slightly more than merely a brush. So I decide to check if the bike is ok by riding it a little around the site, first and only bit of good news the bike is still ridable and can get me home. Some of my coleagues on their way back from lunch peruse the damage to the bike and decide that it was some “brush” and not only is the bike damaged but so is the car that hit it and amazingly the curb stone that the bike fell upon:shock:. So I ride it the 30 miles from Huntingdon to Ely, waiting for something to fall off and decide it is time I got the Sprint re-shod (the back tyre has resembled a car tyre for some time now and was the reason why I was riding the 675 into work, combined with the fact I have some rater nice roads on my way home).

So move to today and I have arranged for OnYerTriumph to assess the damage. After the assessment, the guy asks me how on earth I managed to damaged the bike in that way and that half the guys in the workshop have been trying to fathom out the same thing. Then I ask how much he thinks it will cost, I will get the actual esimate in the post next week. About £1500, that was some “brush”, I think my coleague may have a bit of a domestic when I present him with the bill.

best you get a honda gav !! your trumpets seem to like having a lie down mate :smiley:

hope they dont kick up n try to wriggle out of paying mate did you take pix etc of the damage and the scene ?

£1500 - Ouch!!

I hope they pay up quickly.

I wonder if they would have reacted as calmly if you had only “brushed” their pride and joy??

Hope it’s sorted soon :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your ride.

What amount of damage would she have done if she’d really been trying??

I hope that you got some witnesses, you know that it will go through the insurance company and it will be a drag.

Hope the bike gets sort real soon.

Well I picked up the mended 675 from OnYerTriumph yesterday, the thing looks like a new bike! just got to wait for their insurance to re-imberse my excess, I think Christmas might come sooner.

Christ it was cold riding back home last night, really missed the heated grips I’ve got on my other bike. Definitely Pearl Harbour weather last night, there was certainly a nasty nip in the air.

Similar driving style to the woman who drove into the side of me in broad daylight - some people are so spatially challenged that they should’nt be allowed to drive cars.

Glad you got it fixed but I hope you don’t mind me asking two questions - what was the final cost, and if their insurance company is reimbursing you your excess does that mean your insurance company has paid the rest? Surely their insurer should pay 100%?

If you are fully comp you get paid out less excess straight away - and the third party is then pursued for your loss (the excess) and the insurer’s loss (the cost of repair less the excess). Usually this happens before blame is settled and it can take a very long time to get the excess back unless a case is very straightforward.

i had my RR reversed into 3 times once it survived with just a little scuff cause it was covered. The other two times the bills came up to £2500 each. Good luck with the repair the bulk of mine was a new swingarm each time.

Blimey! If she only brushed her hair, she’d decapitate herself.