I.O.M TT ferry tickets

Due to unforseen circumstance’s I cant go to the TT and I’m gutted

So to give someone else a chance to go on LB I’m sticking me ticket up for sale on here for 2 days, otherwise I’ll get a refund from the ferry company.

It’s catching the ferry from Liverpool on Saturday 26th May at 21.00 hrs

And returning Monday 4th of June at 11.30

During this period it’s practise week & Mad Sunday

The campsite is booked, It’s £9 a night

You can travel & camp with 3 other riders, (long as you dont drive em mad &nbsp one which is a LB’er. Or do your own thing.

The ticket is £180 and thats what it cost me, And it’s completely sold out.

Give me a pm if your intrested or have any questions.

If any Newbies registering after this is posted are intrested, sorry but the established LB’er will get priorty

wat you not going now, give ya a tenna for it and a bag of lemon drops

Ticket’s for bike and rider, not foot passengers

ba/stad going on me 600 bandit


i wish you could go as well