I never thought it would be that difficulty to get a new roof


My garage needs a new roof (Badly) and so I spoke to several local roofing companies asking for a quote.

In total I spoke to 7 local firms so I would have a good cross section of prices, guarantees, time scales and so on.

All 7 made appointments to visit me so that they could provide an accurate estimate and see the full extent of the damage and work that needed to be done… Not a problem for me as I assumed they would all want to see the garage anyway, so on that basis I made sure I stayed in on the times and dates their appointments were for.

I made it clear that I was ready to authorise commencement of work ASAP.

Of the 7 firms I spoke to, 5 never bothered to keep the appointment, 1 turned up gave a price but 10 days on I am still waiting for the written quote.

Only 1 has made any effort, and to be fair his price was very good along with hos guarantee (and its in writing) so he has the job. But I find it amazing that trades people don’t want my money. Are they really that busy and disinterested in new work?

Nice to know that they can afford to be so choosy in this day and age, but you would at least think they would be more professional and tell me they don’t want my money.



In reality mate, yes!
to be honest you have probably found yourself someone who cares enough to not over subscribe themselves on work, which would have just extended the actual build time anyway.



That’s only the start of it.

I am the unofficial Residents’ Association chair for the building I live in. We needed some paving work done. We decided among ourselves to hire a company which had renovated three of the flats over recent years. They have done three flats because their work was impeccable, the crew were courteous and responsible, and word-of-mouth meant they got one project after another in the building; we all decided these were the right guys for the job.

We agreed a scope of work, the price, a start date, lodged insurances with the freeholder, everything tickety boo, then they disappeared. No calls returned, emails ignored. Months later we eventually got them back, they finally did the work, to a good standard, but boy has it been an uphill struggle for me.

Good luck with it.



Not just for roofs. We’re getting a new kitchen fitted - got details for 3 companies to come in and quote.
Third company wasn’t able to do so for a week, but that was fine. Agreed a date. Day came, no sight of them. Called them up, only for them to say ‘we’re quite busy - do you still need us to come?’.

That got them ruled out immediately - if they can’t be bothered to come along and quote (for a decent sized job), then no way!