I need some insurance help :(

As posted in my Tiger 1050 thread, my beloved bike was wiped out by a van who legged it on friday.

It was parked in a bike bay and it appears the driver ran into the side, ran over the front and then sped off.

When I was loading the pieces onto the AA truck later that day I was approached by a kindly street cleaner from Westminster Council who took a number plate and the branding on the van, and tried to stop the van. However he told me at the time that his eyesight was not all that and after calling the police the number was unregistered and after googling the company name - nothing. There was no CCTV.

The damage to the bike is 3850 quids worth - more that 65% of the value of the bike (34k miles). It looks like the insurance co will write it off.

I have protected no Claims (4 years) but I undertsand that if the ins co cannot find a culprit, then I am at fault?

What is that about? Am I going to get stung for the next 5 years having to declare a fault claim in future insurance requests?

How does it work? Is there anyone I should go to or am I doomed to the next 5 years of being shafted by Insurance Companies?

these questions have implications of how I will decide to take this forward. I have to say though that so far Hastings Bike Insurance have been pretty good… so far…

Thanks in advance if anyone knows anything about this stuff. This my first claim for 19 years and I have no idea how it operates today. My last accident/claim 19 years ago was being T-boned by an uninsured driver and it was a nightmare from start to finish. I got shafted by the insurance company (Bennets), the uninsured driver (who denied everything) and every other insurance company I approached after that (massive premiums, leading to me having to buy a bloody Austin Metro - gah!). I have vivid memories…

To cut it short if they can’t find anyone to recoup the costs then your at fault in their eyes.

Unfortunate, but thats just how it is.

Sounds like you need to talk to the Motorists Insurance Bureau - MIB http://www.mib.org.uk

Good advice to go to MIB.

If you can’t find the culprit and your insurance company can’t get their money back, I’m afraid you are stuffed.

As the victim of a bike theft’ I’m just about getting clear of the increased premiums that resulted. Yes, you still get your “guaranteed NCB” but the premium goes up so much the whatever % discount sort of disappears.

Unjust? 'course it is, but when were the words motor insurance and fair treatment ever in the sentence?

yep, its a total loss and I’m being shafted. Because the culprit drove off, the ins co have no-one to reclaim thier losses so I have to declare it as a fault claim - thats right its my fault even though i was nowhere near and the bike was parked int he street - for the next 5 feckin years and even have to declare it to my car insurance company, ruining both my bike insurance and my car. Combine that with a cost of over 2k if I want to actually replace it with the same and I am well out of pocket.

MIB look great, we all pay for them from our premiums but they cannot help me beacuse for “property damage” claims it appears you actually need to be injured in order to make a claim. Bugger.

Whats more, the ins co didnt inform me for a week that it had been totalled and sold it to the slavage co, without giving me first dibs. Now I need to log on to some website thingy and bid for my own feckin bike. Had a week old set of BT021’s on there, crash bars, HIDs, running lights, Anodised brake reservours, TOR exhaust. Bastards.

Totaly gutted. Merry feckin Xmas.

Shocked that this is going to affect my Car insurance too when they would not take into account my 5 years of no claims on the bike when I bought and tried to insure a car.

“Sorry Sir, we dont accept no claims on a motorbike against your car insurence (but we are going to shaft you if some motherfecker wrecks your bike) *inane cackle”.

mib only pay out for personal injury not damage to bike or riding gear.

They used to only provide cover for injury, but it was changed a few years back & they now provide cover for any third party damage, be it to property or personal injury.

ok, cool. our crash (hit and run) was prob 10 yrs back now so was going by that.

Is there not a criminal compensation fund or something that insurers can chase ? The mob I am with wanted me to persue a claim that was hit and run so they could try and dip this pot i think . Something to do with me having a crime number for the incident and witnesses to the hit and run who had wrong plates for the car etc .I dunno it was a few years back maybe I am remebering it wrong ???

The insurance co have a crime number, a witness and a phone number for him. They seem more interested in getting my V5 at the moment, likely coz they have already sold the bike on. They say they will get the cheque out as soon as they have it. I have personal bits on that bike - my cargo net, sat nav mount and loom etc. How do I get those back?

What they have offered wont cover a replacement Tiger 1050 of the same age as the price has gone up so much so I decided to forego the expensive fairing and have found a 2nd hand Speed3 within budget so I’m going to buy that. The meercats tell me that my insurance has gone up by over 110 quid per year with a fault claim on an 09 tiger. The S3 insurance is nearly double what i was paying, and thats with protected NCB. Sigh*.