i need Help from Lonon Bikers...


im Jung-Moon, mt07 ower and motobike traveler from korea

i arrived in London by motocycle on October 20th

and my motorcycle was stolen on October 27th

that motorcycle is all for me…

so… I need help from London bikers

If you find a bike or anyone providing useful information will be rewarded

2016 Yamaha mt-07 Red / Tuned Arcapovic 

Address of a lost motorcycle
Ashmole Stores, 73 Claylands Rd, London SW8 1PJ

please help me…



Really sorry to hear the news. What part of London? I see the photo which shows you were coming from the South, but where was the bike at the time of theft?

Ashmole Stores, 73 claylands Rd, London SW8 1PJ… 

It’s the address of the place where I parked my motorcycle…

 I’m so sad and angry…

London bikers need help…

thank you…

My bad - read right over the address in your first post. I’m from a different part of London so can’t help, Sorry.

oh… but you try to help me… 

If you have friends in London, plase Give them this news…

There’s a Londonbikers page on Facebook too. Post up on there and am sure many will share it for you. Recent photo of bike, number plate and where / when it was stolen is all you really need.

Good luck in finding it.

Thats a real shame man!  All those memories on your bike! OMG! So sorry!

i hope find my motobike…

Sorry man.

Ashmoles Stores, bang in the middle of high density housing estates. You need to go on a sortie around all the local garages, underground car parks, ally ways etc. Typically thieves will have your bike parked up some where for a week or so to eliminate it being electronically tagged. Suspect too anybody you’ve recently made friends with or who have showed an interest in your bike since arriving in the UK.

Good luck on your quest.


Take heart from this thread https://londonbikers.com/forums/posts/1137439/stolen-from-argyle-road-ealing

I’m so sorry to hear about this. Travelling around the world for your bike to get stolen in London! I hope you are reunited with your pride and joy soon. 

Sorry to hear this mate :( I had my ZZR1400 stolen from not too far away from there the other week. It’s a truly horrible feeling :frowning:

So sorry to hear that! Being a realist I doubt you’ll find the bike but there’s always hope. 

I remember a couple other similar stories not too long ago where some world traveller’s bike was stolen in London. 

나는 네가 네 자전거를 찾길 바래

I remember a couple other similar stories not too long ago where some world traveller's bike was stolen in London.
I was touring in the west of Ireland years ago and rode for a day with a chap who had ridden from Japan to Ireland, with his bike being stolen in - you guessed it - London. Honda UK took pity on him and supplied him with a brand new bike.

Very sorry for you. Again London shines. Will spread the news. Hope you can continue your adventures.

That is terrible, and so sad.  Really angers me, and I hope you get it back soon.

Just saw this story from Bennetts shared by Biketrac’s facebook account. I feel terribly sorry about this, and sincerely hope this story will have a happy ending.


Oh I didn’t see this thread so made another. Oops.

I’m the guy who has been contacting you through Facebook. I’ll leave the link in this thread in case the other thread is deleted.