I love my blackberry curve!

Now I just need a bracket for it for the bike!? (so I can use the GPS…)…

Spose I should elaborate:




good size screen

good memory - dont have to keep deleting texts


opens attachments easily

bounces well :blush:

good speakers

good charging time and discharge time

rollerball is MUCH easier to use than the sony ericsson one

surfing is good on there - quick and well displayed

never had a problem with reception (vodafone with it too)

goes into low running mode when battery is really low, allows incoming but not outgoing

i could go on…

I thought this was gonna be about an Ice Lolly:D:D:D

I like Strawberry Mivvys myself;)

We have the Vodafone version running Windows Mobile and Vodafone VBE push e-mail . . . pile of poo, so bad apparantly Vodafone are stopping their VBE service . . . the phones and software and the service are all rubbish.We are looking again at Blackberry but as a Microsoft Partner we’re supposed to use MS products apparantly . . . even the crap ones :frowning:

Well if you want to have a look at mine next Inbreds, let me know - its the best phone Ive ever had - and Ive had quite a few!

PhoneSlutGirl :wink:

never been a techy into phones and stuff. But I have a blackberry sponserd by work :smiley:

I would be intrested in getting GPS software for it though! didnt know you can?

Can you get if for all models? I have the Pearl.

yes you can, mate, but the curve has it built in. the screen on the pearl is also smaller so i guess you need to bear that in mind and ive no experience of use of the pearl.

mebbe chat with your mobbily shop and/or ask work to swap the pearl for a curve (there is no real difference between them in terms of everything else)…

wotsit look like then ppg ? is it available on free upgrades ? oooh i wanna nuva new toy :slight_smile:

got mine on a free upgrade :wink:

without the black edging:

May not be as big on music as you want?


Im basically a textmonster and this is awesome for me :wink:

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Very nice. We use Blackberry Pearl’s at LB to keep up on everything. I love mine and the fact the battery lasts a whole bloody week without charging :slight_smile: I’ll look at the bigger ones next though I think.

I also have a Blackberry Pearl and I agree its the best phone I’ve owned so far. Does everything I want it to do pretty easily and the sat nav its pretty good too.

i looked at getting a blackberry, but thought it was a bit too ponsy :w00t:

got this instead http://regmedia.co.uk/2007/03/21/spv_silver_group_main.jpg

and LOVE it

tomtom gps (whole of europe), two cameras (one for vid calls), windows media player, microsoft office mobile, large touch screen, wi-fi, and 4gb mini sd card full of music and ebooks if i fancy reading something :smiley:

also 8 out of 10 (excellent) but not as common as blackberrys :cool:

hmmm - see, now in my opinion, white phones are poncy :wink: too much like an ipod/phone… :P:hehe:

im sure, functionally, what you say is true, tho :Whistling:

looks nice, but spec lets it down for me 2 meg cam, no 3g or wi fi has it got mp3 capability, must admit to being drawn to the N95 next time around on spec alone :slight_smile:

I have an N95 as well, but to be honest, it’s collecting dust nowadays. All the extra features just don’t get used. 3G, Wireless, etc. I get alone fine with the browser on the blackberry and I’m no light user. Wireless? Have you tried entering a long password or hex password? Forget it. Not much faster than 3G anyhow with the CPU overhead.

I used to have one of those (but in black ofcourse :wink: )

I now have this…

Upgraded it to Windows Mobile 6.1 recently. It’s good, but the built in sat nav takes too long to find a fix for my liking. Nice features though.

i was close to getting the n65…

In end opted for one with windows mobile, as its easier to get third party software for. The 5mp camera to be honest didnt phase me on the n65, as it dont matter if its 2mp, or 5mp, the sensors are all prob same size anyway, and your never gona get high quality pictures on any phone (or compact camera)

I have however, still got some nice shots on my phone, when im out and about and dont happen to have the slr with me!

Listen to you lot, its a ball and chain, my work told me I had to have one. Now they can reach me whenever/wherever no escape. And its too big to flush down the toilet!

the cheek!

sony ericcson w960i…the kiddie! love it 8GB of memory…mainly music:D
cousins have got survailence devices…i mean company phones;) no me im harder to track:cool::w00t:

anythings better than a nokia!:D:P