I love my bike...

Just sitting here at my desk with work piling up around me and only a stale triple choc cookie and two cans of guiness for company… and I thought, I love my new bike! I cant wait to ride it again, I’m so looking forward to Saturday its unbeliveable! Am I sad??? ;):smiley:

Perfectly normal if you ask me :smiley:

i love my bike too, especially when shes all shiney…:slight_smile:


thats nice,:stuck_out_tongue:

i love my bike to its gotta be 1 of the best things i’ve ever bought

as you all know…i LOVE my SV…:D:D:D:D

and shes all clean today:) wot is there not to love…shes kin gorgeous!!!

i wonder if i can get away with not working all summer:Whistling:




i thought so:D

tugless leave the lad alone!:w00t::w00t:


Oh its too dark to wash my bike by the time I get home… roll on the summer nights!

I can show you a pic of her on Saturday but she wasnt as clean as she could be… still need to name her… :slight_smile:

I think we should tell our bikes we love them more… some times its all to easy to get caught up in all the politics and forget why we’re really all here… (bit deep for a wednesday afternoon, huh?!) :smiley:

Perfectly normal. I’ve been firestorm-less for two days while it gets fixed and it feels kind of wierd. More importantly, how do I get a job where I can have cans of guiness randomly strewn about my desk?

ooohhhh you is got a black one!!!:w00t: i loikes black SV’s…

the way i treat and ride Thumper2, she knows i love her, even when she trys to kill me by throwing hissy fits:w00t::smiley:

that sv looks like a VeeStealth!:smiley: ps…its needs a new can;):smiley:

a very good friend of mine has just put her money down on one very similar:)

Nice SV - you’ll have lot’s of fun on it! Black frame is really cool. :cool:

Irish lady in the office brought afew cans in yesterday only to realise that nobody like guiness… I’m like a human alcohol dustbin so I nabbed 4… not driving home from the station tonight cos I fooked one of my wheels on a pot hole sooooooo two cans later… I only have two left… haha! :slight_smile:

I know about the can… I promise you’re not the first to ‘mention’ it!!

When I have the money, it shall be purchased!!! :smiley:

I must love mine because she costs an arm and a let to run.

not bad not bad, need to get a set of R&Gs on there, at this rate we will be out next tuesday

Haha, I’m way ahead of you!! They were delivered yesterday so hopefully being fitted as I type! :slight_smile:

Think I’m goign to get rid of the ‘crescent’ stickers as well… but all in good time! :slight_smile: