I Love John B

A new(ish) track from the DnB / Electro maestro

Red Sky feat. Shaz Sparks


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not bad afro, bt floaty tho.i prefer D ‘n’ B a bit harder and darker, still i remember john b, didnt he make that tune ‘pressure drop’ thats was a tune!:smiley:

He may have, but there was a tune by that name made by Technical Itch…Dirty darkness :smiley:

Here you go (also check for the Kryptic Minds remix) :slight_smile:


Actually fooook listening to the other mix…I forgot how brilliant this one was


My favorite of John B has to be Double J (strictly for drum and bass heads :D)I couldn’t find on YouTube but a bit of it is there:


Also from the same v. good album REDOX :