I love Harley davidson me!!!

Not that i would ever own one… too expensive at the moment and a little slow still.

But good ol’ harley have treated me to several great days out, and one full weekened riding buells around Mallory for free!!!

Last weekened I went over to Stratstone harley at Walthamstow, and rode the new XR1200, and as usual was a little disappointed with the overall package. It looked great, sounded the nuts, but the old chugga lugg of an engine does not belong in a sports bike! (Please Mr harley, bung in the V Rod lump in all Buells and the XR1200, and sporty will suddenly appear!)

But what a nice way to spend a couple of hours, and all free! (Well except for the optional petrol you bung in at the end!)

And what a nice buch of people! When I win the lottery, I WILL buy a V Rod! or if it is in ten years time, maybe that Bobber or fat boy!

If you get a chance, and have not don this before, get over to yopur local harley dealership on a Buell or harley day, and treat your selves. you never know, you may even buy one!


Dr Lubeet