I lost it today!!

Euston road its fcuking raining and this long pickup driver cuts me changing lanes and near takes me out…I horn but nothing gets through…I want to ask him if he was drunk…when we stoped at the lights he was still busy talking on the mobile…i shouted and swore like a mad man at him…I felt my bood pressure shoot up because of this ****…further on started to feel dizzy so I stopped and to a break…the driver said oh yeah…!! not sorry.,.

Unlucky…The only certainty is that you will bump into this type of road user again unfortunately :frowning:

wack it to the rev limiter. that normally gets their attention if they dont responed to that take their mirror off they dont use em anyway. u can do 1 of two things wait for the idiot to get out and go fist to fist or just fugg off:):D:P

i got stuck in that traffic too… fortunatly for me two bike cops came along so i followed them through:D

I frequently get angry at drivers, my fuel tank bears the scars to prove it. But when I think about it, I realise that it’s a waste of my time to go after them or attempt to get off the bike and sort it out.

Guess you can’t really blame them, after all, people on two wheels are invisible aren’t we !!!FFS!!! :crazy:


Reach in and grab the phone and lob it…when the police finally track you down tell them he nearly killed you while talking on it and driving. You’ll get a telling off but he’ll get a lot worse for using his phone while driving. :smiley:

If that don’t work, drag em out and ram a frozen toblerone up their poop shoot! :wink:

Encounter idoits like this everyday. I’m not wanting the stress and all the st that it brings with it so nowadays i tend to be a little more reserved.
Without going into details I learnt the hard way about the wrong way to deal with things and my lifes too precious for me to have it ended by some scrote who dont give a s
t about anyone or anything.
I’ve got a family at home and any time i feel the old anger / revenge building up i tend to take a few deep breaths and soon realise it aint worth it.
Lifes too short as it is.
Same as in the car i’ll give a little more than i used to and let it pass me by.
Thats not to say i let people barge me about on the road, I aint frightened to use my horn (ooooer) and I do the old gestures now and again but i aint getting off my bike for no one.

One of his mirror was not there anyway…

I am very calm person also but this idiot nearly killed me and did not realise also and on top of it he is chatting on some sex line on his mobile…

Seen thousands of them while being a courier. Just ignore them. Middle finger is a cure…:smiley:

Ugh. I can’t stand people like that.

I had a black Beemer about 5ft from my rear wheel this evening - he actually tried to overtake me as we both turned right at a T-junction. Locked his wheels and stopped about six inches from my leg.

He probably doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He goes fast, you see. And gets so close behind people that he has to keep braking. That makes him a good driver.


Ah, but sometimes there is justice -Junction of London Wall with Moorgate this afternoon. I’m at the lights, eastbound, behind a truck. Along the left lane (left filter only) comes an Audi. Stops alongside me and then tries to nose his front wheels into the gap between me and the truck. He can’t quite get the angle so I sit tight, knowing he can’t force his way in. He loses patience and pulls ahead alongside truck, who I have already clocked as watching in his mirrors. Lights change, Audi tries to jump truck, fails and crashes into street furniture on opposite corner. Trucker stops, gets out and gives Audi man a blistering earful whilst he is being simultaneously handbagged by his passenger, an elderly lady who is probably his mum!

Oh the schudenfreude!

Justice for one at least, great report. :slight_smile:

It`s part of riding in London, i get it most of the time with careless drivers.

I had a run in with one of these muppets a couple of weeks ago on the A4 beside Hogarth Roundabout. The driver undertook me at god knows what speed and missed my front wheel by a matter of inches when he cut in front of me, he was going fast enough that when I spotted him coming up behind me in my mirror I didn’t have time to move over to get out of his way! All of this while talking on a mobile.
I followed the guy to the Hogarth roundabout where the lights were red, pulled up beside him and banged on his window when he opened the window(still on his mobile!) I reached in, grabbed his keys and threw them in the general direction of the Fullers brewery yard :smiley:

God only knows how long it took him to find them:w00t:

AWESOME!! :cool::cool: Glad your Ok easy…

Pull in front of the fuggers and smoke the sucker out…oh and flip the bird:D

Throw them into the back of his car so you cant be done for theft.