I just have to tell you this.......

I’m off to The Nurbergring!!!

Well next year at least, after the 24hrs of Le Mans (Cars, sorry) going from there via Luxembourg to Belgium then to Green Hell…

So excited!

you gonna do the Ring then capt ?

Yeh yeh!! cool eh!!! me on the Blackbird vs the Mrs on the Firestorm, might do a swap after a lap…:smiley:

Cars!!! they dont count!!:w00t:

have fun tho dude:D

Enjoy, it really is quite an experience, one you can never prepare for!! Try and get there in the week as the weekend is mad busy and you’ll spend hours waiting around while the track is closed due to crashes!

I have never been overtaken by cars in that manner before - I felt truly violated :w00t:

Hmmmm, had that feeling when you under took that one time… :wink:

I went this year and can honestly say I dont think I have been so scared in my life mixed with with being so exhilarated. Also asked a gu in a porsche GT 3 for a lap and that was awesome as well.

Was that a local bloke with a blue/white 996 GT3 RS? I’ve had a few laps in that & due to those laps in that car I dont think I’ll be taking my bike around just yet :smiley:

errr, yeah - poetic justice some might call it :w00t:

You wait til next time, I’ll get 'em :stuck_out_tongue: