I just gone done it! Bought the Racefit Mega :)


I’m either going deaf in my right ear or I’m getting used to the can?

I think it was a bit of a shock at first when I rode it, but now I’m in love

Wouldn’t even dream of a GSXR without a Racefit on, wasted harmonys

Hehehehe Wait till you get it on track mate! It’s unreal!

Im happy for you mateI still haven’t heard one for real

see you at Cubana’s tomorrow?, we aren’t allowed to rev bikes in the car park cause of all the posh people spilling their mochachocaflocalatte’s in their laps, but I’ll pull down the road a bit, round the corner, over the bridge, down the embankment, past hammersmith, away from Cubanas so they can’t hear us

I think ill get the train down tomorrow as long as the whether good, pass by and say Hi!

Those can’s are the Mutt’s Nuts… Your going to love the sound of it on Brands on Monday… Filthy…

I heard Jay pull up on Wens and Foxy your right they are the mutts nuts

The racefits sound dirty!! Heard Jays last year at Donny.

Really want one but cannot justify the £500 for a can. I’m paying less for 10day’s in Ibiza!

I think im gonna get one for my Streetfighter, I have a bolt on yosh at the moment but its far too long, How much POUNDS!!

I think it will suite the bike as well Looks wise

The racefir certainly is the dogs, is fitting easy as i was told you had to cut the header pipe?getting it MOT’d would be a problem if you couldn’t fit the original?

You don’t have to cut anything, they’re slip-on’s. MOT? Forget it, install the stock item for MOT.

Depends what bike. For the K1-K5 600-750 you need to cut the pipe. For the 1000 it is a slip on jobbie.



I’ve got the k5 750 so I would have to cut the pipe, does that mean i’ll have to change the complete exhaust system for MOT.

Me thinks so. Unless you find a dodgy MOT centre that will pass you without a road legal silencer.

That was putting me off getting one but thought f**k it the other day and ordered!!

Hi kenny lets us know how you get on with fitting it, I am soooooo tempted

nice can mate, they sound awesome

used to feel the same way about ear plugs but then found I could hear the exhaust/bike better with them in at speed as they cut down the wind roar. you’ll defo need 'em for a track day - my right ear aint such a good fit with the ear plug and on the way home from brands on the ducati that ear was hurting…

just ridden 400 miles today and my right ear was bleeding

Had to resort to inserting my plug the wrong way around to kill the noise, if you don’t wear ear plugs then don’t get a Racfit

Still good fun