I just gone done it! Bought the Racefit Mega :)

I couldn’t hold on much longer, after seeing Jays and Neils and various others with them on I had to do it, can’t really afford it right now but what the heck!

Had a real good conversation with Ian about the pipe, really, really helpful. He knew Jay by name and I mentioned a discount, being cheeky

Ian is on 0161 355 5561

No discount, in fact, I was lucky to get the can at the original £495 price as the owners are looking to put the price up very, very soon due to the price of Titanium rising :o

Get your orders in now, before they go up!

One thing he did mention which was interesting is that Ian has a K3 1000 GSXR and found the best performance was the standard Suzuki map, he took his PC off in the end and runs in with Airfilter and Racefit Mega for best results :o

Will post pics when it arrives, happy days

That bike looks awesome mate! well done

It’s not mine Cezar, but mine will resemble it very soon, say Tuesday

Keep your ears open next Wednesday

Mmmmm, nice one mate. Perhaps take the 750 on the track, don’t want to go ruining that nice pipe now do we.

Enjoy, it’s awesome! Just make sure you regulary stock up on ear-plugs!

Congrats mate nice pipe you’ll have there.

Does anyone know where I can get the Black racefit mega?

…I need it real bad

didn’t know they did black?

The man to speak to for definate is Ian, number is in 1st post.

He works at Speedycom who have the sole distribution rights at the moment it seems.

There is a forum at www.speedycom.co.uk , post your questions in there maybe?

Good luck,




black racefit.JPG

Wow :o That black looks amazing!

Well, after I ordered mine yesterday (Friday) at 2pm, it arrived this morning (Saturday) at 10am, can’t fault their delivery times, had to fit it asap…

I have the origials but they were too big :o

that pipe looks stunning mate…cant wait to i see it…or even hear it on ur thou…

thats gonna ‘POP’…‘POP’…‘POP’…down the road…

get your money back by parking up at the ace and charge ten bits a gander!!!

you’ll rake it in…lol


That pipe looks sweet, I gave Ian at speedy a call this morning, he wasn’t there but a nice lady told me the black one is not done by racefit and the customer had it coated himself, she also said it does not look as sexy face to face

Too bloody loud in my opinion, just done a 300 mile round trip and it sounded sweet, took my earplugs out in London and it was too much

Does anyone have a map for a PC3 that would suit GSXR 1000 K4 with Racefit and K&N Filter?

Neil has offered, but just wondered if anyone else did?


More details plz, because I don’t want to use ear plugs, and have never heard one in the flesh but have my heart set on a racefit now…?

Ear plugs? I’d rather go deaf but not miss this beauty of sound! Check it out:

Wig, nice one mate, keep the earplugs out and just listed at full volume, Mmmmmm music to my ears

Looks sweet mate…

That was a quick delivery, Looks well nice mate

It depends on your hearing to be honest Da artist, I have a perforated ear drum from a child and it keeps popping in and out like im in a plane when the wind pressure in my helmet changes (yeh I know, I’m a retard!)

Anyway, today it was pissing me off going slow, I reckon I’ve lost a bit of low down torque tbh.

When it dried out I had a nice blast down some country lanes and fell in love with it Keeping the bike around 6-7k rpm then overtaking is a dream, it sounds like hell has opened up and spat out a banshee on speed, it’s that nice

Proper, proper grin factor, it loves to be thrashed and rolled off high rpm in low gears, you wanna hear the popping and backfires, lush.

I rolled up to an island from about 60mph, blipped throttle and snuck it in 1st, you should have heard the noise, I was laffing in my lid , some kids in a Fiesta in the queue had their window open, just as I rolled past them it backfired, they loved it,.

I’m in love again, buy 1!

hehehehehe, knew you would love it wig
best mod on the bike for the grin factor…

Im gonna and I cant wait to hear it