I jumped into a swimming pool...

…or at least that’s what it felt like when I got home yesterday evening - heavy & persistant rain the whole way - up there with the worst I’ve come across in 7/8 years on the bike…

ratings of new(-ish) gear:
Sidi Vortex boots : 3/10 - had decidedly damp feet/toes
HG Cruise II trousers : 10/10 - top notch - bone dry
HG Cruise II jacket : 9/10 - little bit of a wet neck, but otherwise bone dry
Revit H20 gloves : 8/10 - fingers bone dry, but the cuffs were a bit damp
Shoei MultiTec Lid : 10/10 - antifog visor a must in such conditions, no spray back into my face at speed

boots & gloves will take another day to dry out - on backup gear today…

Multitec - great
Dainese textile jacket - great
Daytona boots - great
Bone Dry overtrousers - great
Racer summer gloves - soaked through :frowning:

Heated grips on the VFR this morning - priceless :smiley:

Frank Thomas Aqua Pore jacket 9/10 - bit damp around the belly

Biker Australia ‘100% waterproof’ armoured - lasted 5mins, absolute sh1te

Sidi Vertebrae (8yrs old) - poured water out when home, but no complaints due to age and condition, the boots that is no me:)

Richa gloves - absolutely soaked

Helmet - very stinky this morning:w00t:

Altberg Clubmans - 10/10 and wearing this morning.

HG Touring Gloves - 910 - wearing summer gloves this morning as weather is great.

Triumph Sympatec Trousers - 10/10 - wearing leathers this morning at weather is great

Buffalo Jacket - 10/10 - Wearing Triumph Leather/Textile jacket as weather is great.

Nolan N103 - 7/10 - Pinlock actually started fogging up as it was so wet out there! bone dry now after cleaning and leaving it to dry overnight.

All my gear is dry and ready to use this morning after hanging it up in front of the radiator for a couple of hours.

Nice grippy tyres - Priceless!

Frank Thomas Aqua Jacket - 10/10 Bone Dry

Trepass Over Trousers - 10/10 Bone Dry

HG Boots - 10/10 - amazing what a bit of polish does!

HG summer gloves - absolutely soaked

Heated Grips - priceless

HG Master V Jacket: 9/10 (think it needs cleaning…)
" Trousers: 10/10
Oxtar Phoenix Boots: 10/10
Arai Viper : 9/10 leak free, anti-fog pinlock did a great job

Spada Carbo Race Gloves…chamois leather :smiley:

Thank heavens for the sun today…:stuck_out_tongue:

Wet. Wet. Wet.

Next time I’m riding home in the buff.

Wimps the lot of you!

Scott leathers with part textile areas - legs dry, groin damp (usual then!), body dry neck wet.
Sidi vortex - rain dripped down legs, bit damp
Frank Thomas summer gloves - soaking wet

and I was out all day and night!

My tracksuit bottoms were soaked through
The flip flops came off
Tshirt looked like a wet t-shirt contest entrant for wok world !

On a serious note the Gore Tex army surp jacket and pants worked a treat!

Pants, on the outside of your trousers?

Yup , DPM superman speedos !

That was aproper downpour last night !!

Richa Rix Jacket & Trousers 100% dry

Richa GT Top Gloves…arent designed to be waterproof…and showed !!

TCX Airtech XCR Boots…perfect dry feet.

Sphincter muscle when the rear went all wobbly on a manhole cover…just held it ! :wink:

Hm? I’m sure we’ve had worse this year. No flooding for a start. Though perhaps we had longevity yesterday but not the intensity.

Either way:
TCX Sport SS boots - 9/10 - finally had some water seep through the seam by the toe
Teknik Powerskin trousers - 7/10 - Got wet through the fly (which I’d left undone…) and there were puddles in the pockets
Teknick cheapo jacket - 6/10 - All waterproof except through the air vent zips. Water had seeped through by the morning so I got to wear a wet jacket in.
Rukka Mars gloves - 10/10 - completely waterproof, stayed warm.
Schuberth S3 helmet - 10/10 - No fogging, water beaded off the visor, nothing wrong at all.

Good posts! I wont bother putting up what I had on as it was totally inappropriate for the weather and I should really buy some proper winter kit instead of making do with racer and summer stuff all year round!

HG Journey 10/10
Spada overtrouser waterproofs 8/10 (too short causing bottom of jeans to get wet)
Spidi B2 goretex 7/10 got two wet patches on foot (but they are 2 1/2 yrs old)
Alpinestars short summer gloves 0/10 still wet!
Kriega R35 9/10 suprisingly nothing got wet even if i dont have a waterproof liner

I absolutely hate riding in weather like we had last night. Filtered through nose to tail traffic all the way home

Prosports two piece leathers with a Gerricke one piece rain suit. Arse area wet (got leakage somewhere) but otherwise dry.

Sidi vertigo boots. Socks wet but didnt have to pour the water out.

RST summer gloves with cotton liners. Inners damp but surprisingly not soaked.

Gloves and boots dry after a short spell on the rads last night. Arse on my leathers still damp this morning.