I haven't bought a Racefit Mega!!!

Got this bad boy last week. Was away on the weekend so didn’t get round to fitting it. Will hopefully get it done this weekend. Got to cut the downpipe so lets hope I dont balls it up as I’ve got a track day on Monday!

I really want to see it fitted! Please post a pic for us mate

Looking nice. Bet it will sound good as well.

Just wonder if its worth leaving the install until after the track day though, you dont want to go damaging the new items before we have all had a chance to check them out.

Will do. Took the fairing off yesterday.

Next have to take the fan and associated cooling bits off, take off the manifold, measure it, mark it, measure it again, cut it, pray that I’ve cut it the right length. Then I can refit everything! Take baffles out (it’s e marked and baffled so its road legal) and scream the nuts off it!!!

Could do that but I want to looking my best for the pics!!!

Forget there is a photographer there, I have seen it all go horribly wrong before now when people act up for the camera. Just let it flow and enjoy yourself.

Nice one Ken, they look good! Remember, fortune favours the bold, so don’t worry Enjoy the trackday! Post more pictures already!

Well that f*cking worked didn’t it??!!

Had to take the downpipes off fit the new system, marked up the right length to cut and done one stroke with the hacksaw when I thought, I know I’ll mock fit the system together to make sure it fits.

Good thing I done that as I would’ve ended up without a bike. The link pipe that came with the pipes is too ****ing small. Stupid company!!! GRRRRRRR!!!

Just finished putting it all back together now. Downpipes are coated in WD40 and coolant and are smoking like a biatch!!! Hope it all burns off soon

Bum thats bad news, I have a set of those in black anoydised finish on the way for my Z seven fiddy Better check as soon as I get em.

Where did you order from?

Ordered them from www.brspecialtuning.co.uk

Cool, same place I got mine. How long did they take to arrive? Its been about 2 weeks now and I want to fit them ASAP

You’ll probably get them very soon. Mine took just under 2 weeks