I hate my job sometimes...

But not at this time of year when we get invited to stuff like this. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


now that looks class

I’m jealous, we stopped doing this when we stopped sponsoring F1:angry:

Been there, done that, excellent fun, still got the plack for winning the off road buggy race :smiley:

Done that day too. That is one hell of a day out and expensive so you must have a good client there.

Ps I won the Vauxhall Vx mid engine thing :w00t:

A couple of friends worked as porters at Bedford, spanking Elise’s around all day between washing them. I can think of worse ways to earn a loaf…

You jammy bugger :w00t::wink: have a fab day :slight_smile:

Very jealous - depending on which cars you get to drive.I had a “racing car experience” a couple of weeks back at Mallory Park which was great fun, by far the best car was the single-seater Vauxhall Lotus, as shown in my avatar (that’s me being strapped in). Wasn’t too keen on the BMW M-whatever or the Caterham.

I would definitely do it again, and now I think Hamilton et al have an easy life! Lucky buggers.

All the ones in the video…


Porsche 911 JP3Palmer Jaguar JP1Formula JaguarKartCaterham SuperlightLand Rover Defender Jaguar XKRRenault Clio Cup Racer

Beats my job, had to clean up dried puke off a carpet the last two mornings! it might be fun to stay at a YMCA, but its no joy working there lol

You lucky fecker.:smiley:

Wow that’s quite a selection. You might have to take your shoes off for the Caterham, its pedals are very close together so its easy to accelerate when you want to brake.

Hope you enjoy it (it’ll be hard not to!)

No wonder you’re always asleep on benches if your job involves tiring things like that :PEnjoy yourself :wink:

Well I did this yesterday… and it really is a truly fantastic day! Far better than anything else I’ve done on four (or two) wheels in the past. :smiley:

The Palmer Jag JP1 and the Formula Jaguar cars in particular were frightfully amazing. The Caterhams were top fun as well. :w00t:

Nobody could fault the day at all. The organisation and friendliness of the team really made it.

I came 5th over all out of 22, which I was chuffed with. Especially as the four above had done the day before!

Managed to take some pics too…
















Looks like a brilliant day. Does the last car have a front splitter made out of chipboard? :smiley:

nice one :w00t: I’d love to have a go in some of those babies!!

You lucky, lucky thing. The Jag looks sweeeeeet.

I think so, yes. They probably got bored of replacing the expensive carbon fibre ones every day after people going off-road in them. Mind you, it was a very hard car to lose grip in! Sh*t-to-a-blanket doesn’t even come close to describing it! :smiley: I had a very good instructor in this one, who was pushing me well beyond my comfort zone, and I finished only a quarter of a second behind the leader. I’m still grinning about it two days later!. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I only span twice all day, and both times were in the single-seater which is a whole different ball game. Once was on the first pace-car lap - what a plank! And then I did a pretty impressive 720 down the main straight, bit too early on the gas. Much to the amusement of everyone else. :stuck_out_tongue: