I had my DAS test today

… and I passed with a clean sheet! :slight_smile:

Ray at Metropolis is a fantastic instructor - and a splendid chap, to boot. I went from dropping my little CG125 on a day-one u-turn to feeling totally confident on a CBF500 in just five days - what an absolutely top instructor. He put me completely at ease.

The icing on the cake was coming back into town over Blackheath, when a fella with an iridium visor on a blue and white Suzuki nodded and gave us all a thumbs-up!

So - on Saturday, I should be picking up my shiny SV650 Sport!

mucho congrats, great feeling aint it? :smiley:

Well done !! Congrats and enjoy the sv650


I’m still grinning… :hehe:

Excellent, well done chuffed for you. :smiley:

Congrats dude!:smiley: clean sheet too! niiice one!:wink:

welcome to the club, and EXCELLENT choice of motorcycle sir:smooooth:

Congratulations! I still remember the feeling :smiley:

Congrats, now enjoy your riding…


There’s a bike specific forum for all you SVers :stuck_out_tongue:

well done fella

you wait till ya get ya bike!!! your be more extatic!!!

just remember take it easy, get used to it over time and enjoy!!!’:wink:

i like it here…its all warm and cosy:D

Congrats. Your telling of it brought back the good feeling of passing. Enjoy your new bike.

well done and welcome to the land of sv :smiley:

Well done mate, I had ray when I was at metropolis in April, he was a sound sound bloke! :slight_smile:

Enjoy the ride! :smiley:

well done mate get otu there

(in mind of Ratty) once you get bored of the sv get a sports bike

Congratulations 5150!

Nice to hear about the instructor.
I passed last month and my instructor kept getting my name wrong!
I mean, 'kin L! There were only two trainees!

Take it easy out there. I’m trying to.

read: " I wouldn’t feel that special on an all SV forum! " :wink:

Cheers, everyone!

Luckily he remembered my name :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want it to be Saturday now - I plan on taking the SV out for a nice long run while we still have a bit of nice weather. Hopefully I’ll get the first 500 miles done in good time!

One thing I’ve learned already is that helmet hair is a right sod - especially if you’ve got hair as long as mine. :hehe:

you wont be worring about helmet hair once you are buzzing from the ride!!!

great job!! Well done!!!

I remember that feeling!! I test rode a street triple the day I passed my test at Metropolis! Glorious day!

Congrats! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Congratulations on passing and showing determination to do it!!!:smiley:

dude, dont push ya luck…

btw if i were you i’d take off that silly little line you have on your signature, happnes to be a mate of mine;)