I had a dream!!!

Last night I was visited in a dream by a woman I worked with ( and really fancied natch ) - some twenty years ago.

I had forgotten all about her but always regarded her as “hot” at the time.

Er… let’s say we had a great time (in the dream) :D:w00t:

Nice when your brain drops in these little ‘entertainments’ into your life unexpectedly …:laugh:

…do you believe in angels? (copyright Boyzone) :smiley:

It’s reversion to teenage wet dream years. You’ll be wanting a rusk for yer breakfast soon enough:D

Hey Jet!

Maybe this happens s you get older and your beer belly and age means only the right old boilers fancy you! :smiley:

We’ll have to wait & see eh :slight_smile:

PS: What did you eat/drink before bedtime to bring on We’ll this dream? We want to try it !

Maybe your spirits met on the astral plain?

Dunno about spirits…I had a couple of Stellas before bedtime! :smiley:

Also if we do meat ‘astrally’ it’s gonna be an entertaining time if the dreams anything to go by :w00t:

Ahh, so it was THAT kind of wet dream. Phisshhhhhhhh :hehe: