I was going to post that I sometimes use sennheiser CX300 in ear plugs but you’re not interested in in-ear so I won’t;) I guess you’ve already got an mp3 player but if not I’d recommend i-River. I’ve got the ‘old’ 2 gig version and the sound quality is really very good. Oh and the volume goes up to 11…unlike any i-pod I’ve seen:)

BumbleBee. If the deaf guy aint allowed to ride, I’d be surprised. I once knew someone who was almost stone but allowed to allowed to fly. (PPL) But then, who knows what daft rules the DVLA have dreamed up.

Oh, over 50? Yup. Still here. Only 'cos I’m an abject coward and I think falling off probably hurts. I’m guessing. It’s a long while since I did that.

Lessismore. My son owned a pair of Sennhiser phones and they were pretty damned good except they didn’t last and he just got fed up with sending them back. Didn’t know they were into plugs. I will check that out.

Now if Bang and Olufsen made ear plug phones…

They’d be too expensive:D

But you’d get a work of art thrown in to the price.

Geeze… some people REALLY ARE behind the times on gadgets! :wink:

Http://www.bang-olufsen.com/page.asp?id=46&bhcp=1 Is what your looking for!.. And depending on your luck, ive seen them on ebay for £25!!

Smart arsed little bastard.

I use Autocom headphone speakers, however they may not be loud enough to be heard without the autocom itself, I think in-ear ear pieces are the best as they also act as ear protection at the same time, and reduce the volume you have to have the mp3 at.

If you can get 10 people interested you can have these for £15 a pop inc P&P with a buy it now on ebay:cool:


And? i stand by my opinion and your only defending it cos your gonna listen to yours too.theres a big difference to listening to a radio in a car than having music blasting directly in your ears on a motorbike, muppets are bad enough walking down the street with headphones on and your gonna jump on a bike and do it too.

+1I usually wear earplugs but always take them out when i’m riding to Borough or anywhere built up as I feel the need to have all my defences on high alert.I wish I was a good enough town rider to not need all my senses:cool:

ChunkyMonkey (01/06/2008)

If you can get 10 people interested you can have these for £15 a pop inc P&P with a buy it now on ebay:cool:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/10-X-Bang-And-Olufsen-A8-Earphones-10-B-O-BULK-SALE_W0QQitemZ220240532263QQihZ012QQcategoryZ112531QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem[/quote]Must be fakes at that price! Amazon price £45.If it seems to good to be true, it usually is!


I use the scala rider with mp3’s from my bluetooth phone. Using it a year and its been and more importantly, i’ve fine been fine.

Blimey, some of you lot jump to conclusions.

“Music blaring in your ears…” Er, I ain’t a great fan of Vivaldi or Robery Palmer, Bjork or … whatever, blaring. I hate loud music.

Yes, there may, just may, be a difference between ICE and IHE but no one has yet excused the M/C policeman/women and his/her two way radio he’s/she’s compelled to use. At least I can choose. The button is marked “off”. Or there is the plug to pull.

By the way, it’s about 45 years since I last had a bike accident and that was without IHE.

Anyway. Perhaps an out come. Having tried a lot of kit over the weekend, I’m going the Koss in-ear route as the post about helmet wind noise got me thinking clearly. It’s crap phones and the helmet roar that’s killing the sound.