O.K. Let’s get forget all the helmet “gags” please.

Next, let’s forget about the imagined reasons that I.H.E. is in some way dangerous. If we are going down that route we should ban in car entertainment, voice over data satnav and police radios, particularly police motorcycle stuff.

Now to the real bit.

Off the bike, the Creative Zenstone+ through a pair of Koss “sportpro” 'phones gives good sound. On the bike the Oxford somethings are cr*p.

Any recomendations for decent in helmet speakers?

(No, a pair of Koss “sportpro” 'phones broken down don’t fit. An expensive trial.)

shouldnt be wearing any kind of headphones for music.

way i see its no different to a a car driver using a phone, takes concentration off wot you should be concentrating on.

riding the bike should be enough entertainment anyway.


Rocker he did say forget all the shouldnt wear head phones stuff

geez we know all ready

Any way i am thinking of adapting my scala rider head set to work as that uses a good speaker

i do agree that on the few occasions that ive ridden the bike listening to music, it does make my concentration worse on riding. however, im also looking a set of speakers that are bluetooth, so i can link them into my sat nav!

anyway, as far as a i know theres no law against listening to music on the bike, so therefore its no worse than every single person on here who breaks the speed limit…

I listen to music on my bike - I honestly don’t feel it affects my concentration and I can still hear what’s going on around me.

For the past couple of years I’ve been using ‘The Plug’ by Koss.An earplug type that cuts out a lot of the external noise allowing you to listen to your ‘choons’ without having to turn your player up full whack just to get above wind noise. Sound quality is pretty decent, and they’re really durable. Considering their cheapness, my original plan was to give 'em a try and if they didn’t work I’d not lost a lot, and if they didn’t last I could replace them regularly… Well I’m still on the first pair I bought, and there’s not been a crackle from them yet.

Link for illustration purposes (I think I got mine from Amazon IIRC)



Is that an order? Should be saying things like that in a thread called “why you shouldn’t be listening to music in your helmet”. There are riders out there with lids that are so noisy, no earplugs, loud pipes, poor observational skills that are at least equivalent to listening to music.

I’d say the first thing is a quiet lid. I personally don’t bother because my arai is noisy. After that, you should be able to use helmet speakers. Scala rider bluetoothed to something means you haven’t got wires but I’m not sure of the music quality.

I find earplugs just won’t stay snug after your lid goes on over them, or they are painful. If molded in-ear plugs are too expensive, I’ve only come across one ear plug (small form and with foam pieces) that might be any good and stay in the ear but I don’t have the link - I’ll have a search.

I found those Koss ones hurt my ears.


I have been listening to my ipod for years now using Sony in ear headphones. I find it best to wear a Buff over the ears to keep the buds in place. Generally listen to music on a long journey mind, running round the M25 to meet up for BCR or going to the Turpin etc etc However if on a hot run through the twisties then i take them out and replace them with ear plugs. Very seldum do i ride without plugs or earphones.

I use the in ear Sony ones,sort of noise cancelling versions - been using in ear headphones for years!

I’m always looking in me mirrors and around me though, it just makes the ride more relaxing for me.

At £20 a pop it worth a try.


And yes I have crashed while listening to music - nothing to do with lack of concentration though!! (stunting… :w00t: )BTW, if you do go the in ear route it also helps to wear a balaclave unless you do already. it helps to keep the earphones in place.

think i might try those koss ones they look ok, as said before generally listen to music on long trips ie runs to scotland etc, but if “playing” just earplugs :slight_smile:

up to the individual to decide really

If you had a V Twin with sexy cans you wouldnt want it spoiled by music:D

The first thing he said was “Lets forget” and we’re all jumping down his throat about it being dangerous and how he shouldnt be wearing it!!! READ!!!

Does this mean deaf people arent allowed to ride?

I have a lovely V-Twin with sexy pipes, trust me you can still hear them over the music but it just makes for a less boring blat along the M/Ways. And the Dartford Tunnel is heavenly :stuck_out_tongue:

What about a certain brand of motorcycle that has inbuilt speakers that everyone else can hear? :Whistling:

Granted i’m new at this game but…

I have ridden with music and it doesn’t distract because i’m normally singing in my helmet - headphones or not :smiley:

What is the difference, in concentration levels, between riding and driving… radios are fitted in all cars are they not.

Oh and in-ear phones do not fall out if you have big ears :smiley:

Shure E3C in-ear phones. List is about £100 but you can get them for £70. I use them with my Garmin Zumo 550 which plays MP3s.

I only listen to music on the bike on long dull journeys (M-Ways etc.) and don’t find they affect my concentration. In fact it’s usually the other way round - concentrating on what’s going on around me means I don’t really “hear” the music that’s been playing.

Interesting, and probably predictable, split between “never do it” and practical advice.

Again, please don’t post if your in the “don’t ever” camp. I’ve heard all the arguments and I choose to do what and when, unlike M/C policemen who don’t have a choice and have to maintain 2 way communications. Apparently that doesn’t spoil concentration?

Agreed, there are time and rides when it’s inappropriate. That’s what the off button or un plugging is for. Please give me credit as a responsible rider.

Back to business.

Agreed, ear plug 'phones are probably the best answer but a bit of a faff for sub 30 minute rides. It’s in helmet speakers I’d particularly like advice/opinion on. Good or bad experiences welcomed.

Well said - every close call i’ve ever had was because I saw what was about to happen and not heard it first.

If you’re over 50 and you’ve been riding all that time and your’e still here to tell the tale then you must be doing something right!

Still would be interesting to find out if deaf people can ride though - i have a deaf friend at work and apparently he’s not allowed!!! or maybe he’s covering up for not being able to ride:P who knows?