I got run over !!!!

more details to follow, i’m ok ( sprained ankle ), rode the bike home ( in first ) after police attended so will be needing some help from you boys…

F**king white van drivers, and his name "Mr Christmas !!! " … The law should be on my side ( more details soon & photo’s soon ) …

blimey, hope theres not to much damage

and least your alright (except your ankle)

Bad luck LCaller! At least he stopped and you got details. Mend well!

thank Lord you are ok…

How did that happen?

Bad luck, hope it gets sorted soon.

wounder mate, hope it heals quick

quiet morning then?!

Hope you’re okay mr.


Sh1t Lee. Glad you’re OKish.

Let us know what we can do to help.

White vans and anyone witha green sticker in the window (i.e. private taxi) stay well clear of!

Oh no! Bad one mate! Is the misses ok? just let us know what you need?

speaking to the insurance company they are backing me 100% and while they wont repair the bike ( i’m 3rd party fire and theft ) they will start proceedings to get me a hire bike and reclaim the costof repairs, equipment etc etc… will post full account shortly ( thank christ for camera phones )

sorry to hear about the off - hope your ankle’s better soon

Jeez man. Glad to hear you are all ok. Let me know what you need for the bike. If I don’t have the items I may be able to pick them up for you.

Oh bummer, hope you are OK and get the bike fixed quickly and on Mr Christmas.

doh…that sucks…hope you heal well. Your insurance co should quite easily be able to get you a payout and injury claim against them.

Where did it happen?

Ah just read this after the PM Lee (oops) BLIMEY CHARLIE mate glad you’re ok.

Shaft it to Mr Christmas. Think of all the shiny carbon fibre bits you can add to the 675 with the payout


Gutted for you but glad you are OK.

Ouch mate very sorry to hear that! Hope you get it sorted soon!

Glad your on the mend but what actually happened.

Ure ok thats the main thing! Take it ez