I could not believe my eye's

I could not believe my eye’s today coming home along the M25 passing each other was an old fella on a 06 ZX6 with no gloves which is bad but for a helmet he was wearing a plastic hat which skate borders wear an as he was doing around 70-80mph he was squinting his eyes as the helmet has no visor. Did anyone here see it as well.

This is what the hat looked like.

He’s either mad or nicked someones bike whilst skateboarding, which is mad in it’s self :w00t:

Are you sure it wasn’t one of the low profile helmets sold in the US?

NB - the UK helmet law specifies which helmets can be sold, but doesn’t specify which helmets can be worn. It is perfectly legal to wear a protective helmet that is not a legal motorcycle helmet!

at their own risk… knobber tbh:w00t:

Shame on him for not spending £300 on a new Arai! :slight_smile:

probably more protection than he had when he first started riding