I am So upset about baby P he was so cute!!

Few days ago saw about this but the news paper just showed just a baby dummys picture I didnt want to read the content but now when I saw this babys picture on bbc I am so upset also my mum and family. These people who tortured the baby r so disgusting I hope someone attacks them in prison. The blame goes to the fat cats at haringay council for doing nothing to stop this…


I have obviously heard about the case, but have avoided the detail.
I would get so angry and upset I’d probably do something I’d regret for a very long time.
I sincerely hope that the sub-human monsters who did it suffer ceaselessly until the end of their days.
Haringey Children’s services (or whatever they are called) must also be brought to account, along with any others higher up in local / central government.These abhorrent crimes can often be prevented with the right support infrastructure.We need to make sure that the people we elect to public office work for our interests and protect those we hold dear.