I almost knock down another filterer this morning

when i was filtering in the morning, there was this young man, pedestrian, filtered cross the road, suddenly came out in front of a slow moving van, i did an emergency brake, i felt my rear wheel lift of the ground. He jumped and saved himself, but fell on the pavement on his back. He was very apologitic and i felt very sorryful too. Another important lesson learnt

dont brake?? :Whistling:

seriously though … glad he wasnt hurt or that you didnt come off the bike!

i think the main lesson is: to slow filtering speed, esp. near tall vehicles like vans or lorries

i am amazed how much i’ve improved my braking, i did not even stall the engine:) after the emergency stop

said it before and i’ll say it again loud pipes save lives!:smiley:

i think the main lesson is: to slow filtering speed, esp. near tall vehicles like vans or lorries

about 2 months ago almost the same thing happened to me, only she did not fall over, but my front wheel was touching her trousers as I came to a stand still, think we both learnt something there and I have never filtered at that speed since (note it was not that fast in the 1st place in case people think I was hammering along at 30 was about 15-20 most)

said it before and i’ll say it again loud pipes save lives!:smiley:
That is so true, hence why I need to get rid of my baby sounding micron cans that are even quiter then the standards!!! :smiley:

I actually hit someone once. Wasnt filtering fast but this woman just appeared from between the high sided traffic. Spun her right round I did. Luckily neither of us was hurt, or so she said at the time but I bet she collected a good bruise or two. Must admit that ive learned to anticipate when its likely to happen by being aware of not just whats in front of me.

Still amazes me the ammount of times I see pedestrians entering into traffic looking the wrong way.

I’ve hit two people over the years. One was running out from behind a bus looking the other way. The other just stepped off the pavement in Old Compton St straight into me.

Its nearly that time of year again for the Black Shadows. Black people dressed all in black after dark, and standing in the middle of the road waiting to cross the other carriageway. And there’s me with glasses, visor and fog city, trying to see though the glare of the bastard coming towards me with badly adjusted headlights. Stoke Newington. Don’t you just love it?

i can see the point, but it would make you unpopular among your neighbours, esp. when you leave early in teh mornings and return late in the evenings:)

last year i tried to keep a puppy, and got some a protest from my neighbour

I turn my bike off halfway down the road and let it roll the last 50mtrs. NEighbours havent said a word. If I leave really early (before 7am) I push it a few yards down the road.

Now go get them loud cans! :smiley:

Bit is a shaker for you there fella.

Yesterday morning was almost taken out whilst filtering. Some bint in a fiesta was TEXTING whilst driving in a queue of traffic; I was bimbling past and for some reason she grabbed the steering wheel and pulled over towards me. Thankfully the oncoming lane was clear, so was already in good space and I was able to quickly make some more room.

As well as speed, filter wide - on the other side of the road if there is no traffic and no side tunings, It gives you much better visibility and much more time to react.

Was doing exactly that this morning Guiliano when some bloke decided he was tired of sitting in traffic and decided to do a U out of it. Of course nothing coming from the opposite direction so its GO, no mirrors nothings. :w00t:

Depending on the road and area sometimes it is better to filter between the traffic.

Sounds like you did good to stop in time, BBSMonk. Quick reactions like yours save lives.

Also, your good nature prevented this from escalating into an incident. Some people would have let their testosterone get the better of them and had a go at the pedestrian, completely unnecessary, and often uncalled for.

We need more bikers like you.

Because of your positioning, had he looked in his mirrors he would have seen you much easier and much earlier. You also got to see him moving earlier, and you were further out so had more time before he hit to brake or take other avoiding action than if you had been close alongside him when he moved etc. Of course no positioning will guarantee some idiot won’t wilfully drive across your path, but it will improve your chances if it happens.

Well done for stopping in time.

My eldest boy is nearly 15. As I drive I try to tell him what to look out for (Hazard Perception). Things that you know after years of driving/riding.

e.g. when overtaking a stationary bus, look under the front of the bus as you will see much quicker if someone is going to walk out.

I also tell him, you can’t account all the time for idiots.

We are all wrapped up in our own little worlds, that sometimes we do stupid things.

Hopefully this lady will be more aware in the future.

Maybe I should get a loud can.

Nice one BBS! ;):slight_smile:

I once hit a prick selling the Evening Standard to traffic stopped at the lights at Cromwell Rd/Earls Court. He stepped out from between two lorries while I was on filtering on my old B12.

I manged to get my shoulder behind the bar that hit him so I didn’t wobble and fall off into the lorries. Gave him a good clump though and he just wandered off. I got off and had words, then gave him another clump. :smiley: