i ain't stoppin' for no police

i ain’t stoppin’ for no police!!!.

Burnham Bridge Railway Stn, Burnham, Slough (TVP).


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I watched that the other night on the TV !!

Tossper !!..Total !!!

Oh, my, god… Clearly a case for more armed Police if ever. To be honest, I wouldn’t have got behind the car if I was on the bike, but man, the bike cop was LUCKY not to have been killed!! Any background on this scum-bag? Looks like attempted murder to me!

I feel sorry for TVP though Darryl, they only get rubber sticks to hit people with?!

I wonder if the learner driver passed their test.

That’s just crazy! That copper was really really lucky… and dear god why don’t we give the police proper night sticks rather than those useless extnder things!

and dear god,…why don’t all police officers be armed.

What a ****. I would have liked to have been there when they took him into custody and accidentally turned off the cctv.

shouldn’t have got that close to be honest…

just box him with the car then hit the corners of the glass…you can pop car glass with a punch if you hit it correctly…straight in the centre is the worse place…it’s hardest there

Roadwars rocks!

(not coz i’m innit though…)

The wife and I enjoy nothing more than an evening with TVPs best! We were really upset when they took Men & Motors of Freeview!

The CCTV stopped too early, I wanted to see if they beat the c r a p out of the canute! If I was the peugeot driver, I would have loved to get a boot in too!

Clearly the canute was doing something illegal, either stolen car or high on something cos I certainly wouldnt do that if it was road tax or something

Porkscratching, what happened to the driver?

Bloody hell, surely he/she must get charged with attempted murder? What a lunatic. Hope they won’t be let off by some judge for some stupid reason.

Don’t like to see armed police though, I always feel uncomfortable when abroad and see them armed to the teeth. Was in Barcelona when the royal sprog got married and the amount of armed cops, machine guns etc scared the hell out of me.

What you saying … you wouldn’t like to see me !!

Luck to have walked away from that.

What’s with the very dodgy hosting link?

That’s crazy!

yeah ok mate

He’s actually telling you the truth … having had the need to the odd window or two in my time, if you go for the centre it’ll just bounce off if you’re using a stick … hence why I carry a life hammer on my bod at work now.

Those rubber extend things are damn useful if you know how to use them properly.

My Baton would have popped all those windows… being unarmed I insist on the 26 inch ASP with optional ‘Hindy Cap’ added.

a good choice GoF

I shouldn’t laugh but that was fu+king funny 206 driver should have got out to da way.